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Hotels in Riyadh and Dubai Lead the Region’s Performance

News Hotels in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, show best 2011 results, staying ahead of other hotels in the region. While Riyadh accommodations gained the highest GOPPAR and ARR in the Middle East, Dubai hotels remained the leaders in terms of RevPAR, TRevPAR, and occupancy.

The data provided by TRI Hospitality shows that the increase of occupancy of hotels in Riyadh estimated 1.2% in December 2011. ARR for the same period fell by 3%, but the overall yearly performance remained very positive. In 2011 Riyadh featured the highest ARR (US$261.89) and GOPPAR (US$138.01) amongst main cities of the region. The average occupancy estimated 60.4% in 2011. Even though this is the lowest occupancy among Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf cities, Riyadh accommodations have added 4.6% during the previous year.

In December 2011 the occupancy of Dubai hotels increased by 85.1% December has been an impressive month for accommodations in this city as the study shows the growth of all major figures. ARR added 12.4%, RevPAR increased by 12.7% and reached the level of US$198.68, and GOPPAR added 6.4% to US$169.50. When it comes to the full year performance, Dubai is the leader with a sufficient breakaway. Thank to high levels of occupancy throughout 2011, RevPAR stood high at the level of US$168.07, and TRevPAR estimated US$303.4 – this is the highest result for the region. The average occupancy in 2011 estimated 81.8%, and ARR estimated US$205.5 – this is 7.6% more than in 2010.

What about other popular destinations of the region? Hotels in Abu Dhabi showed the growth in occupancy of 2.4% in December 2011. The occupancy for the year estimated 70.2%. RevPAR and GOPPAR fell by 9.1% and 10.5% respectively. Jeddah accommodations featured the occupancy of 74.3% in 2011 and GOPPAR estimated US$107.6.


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