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Driving in India – Recommendations, Tips and Tricks

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12. If a car moving behind you is honking, this way it warns other road users that it is going to overtake. At the crossroads, the car that is the first one to approach the crossroads and to make a sound signal has the advantage.
13. Traffic lights are also a kind of street decoration for local drivers and pedestrians. Even on large roads with heavy traffic no one pays any attention to them. The city of Calcutta is the only exception to the rule. In that city drivers always respect signals of traffic lights and follow their commands.
14. Pedestrians in India have already become accustomed to such a situation on the road, so they deftly and without any doubt cross the road, maneuvering skillfully between moving cars. As it has been mentioned above, traffic accidents are rare in India, although the road situation looks pretty intimidating.

Hints on Car Hire in India

When choosing a car for your India trip, don’t forget to check and compare the franchise amount (indicated in the rental conditions) for all cars considered in your selection. The franchise may vary from 200 to 2000 euro/dollars even for cars of the same class. A thorough comparison will allow you to choose the option with the lowest franchise.

During your booking, we will offer you to take a full coverage of the franchise ('No Risk' or 'No Excess' package). If you book a car without full coverage, it is recommended to take it at the pick-up time - this will substantially reduce your financial liability in India for the whole rental period.

During your car pick-up in India, do not forget to check what to do in breakdown-, accident- or theft-cases. Most of our offers include 'Breakdown Assistance' package. Besides this, every rental office would be happy to assist you with this package.

Prior to the car return, please check your voucher for the fuel conditions. If it is indicated that a driver shall return the car with a full tank, do not forget to refuel it on the way back, this will save you from additional charges at the rental office.

If you are looking for a car hire in India, we advise you to check actual rental offers. Just use the orange search form at the top. We guarantee that you would not be able to find better rates anywhere else!
15. The only thing that can make Indian drivers stop is a cow crossing the road. Neither a huge number of pedestrians nor the signals of traffic lights are able to produce a similar effect. As soon as the sacred animal sets foot on the road, all cars stop immediately, and everyone is waiting patiently until the animal leaves the road and the path is free again.
16. There are especially many cows on the road in the evening, when the asphalt, which is still warm after a hot day, is the most attractive place of rest for the animals. Sometimes a cow can stand in the middle of the road, blocking the traffic. None of the drivers will get out of the car to scare the animal, and no one will honk - such actions are simply prohibited here.
17. Dogs are no less dangerous for drivers in India because these animals often run on the road. They are not afraid of cars and large buses, and, in contrast to cows, drivers rarely stop to give way to dogs.
18. It should be noted that, according to local regulations, for drivers to bring down a cow is much worse than to bring down a pedestrian. In some areas, the driver, who has damaged the sacred animal, may spend next seven years in prison.
19. Foreign drivers usually need just a couple of days to adapt to local roads. You will quickly start understanding the meaning of chaotic honking and traffic. In order to move on Indian roads successfully, it is enough to look carefully at the sides and include common sense. Any maneuver must necessarily be accompanied by a sound signal.
20. As there are almost always too many cars on the road at the same time, the distance between vehicles is usually small. Many large car accidents occur due to the fact that the vehicle in front brakes suddenly and all cars behind that vehicle simply have no enough time to react.
21. If sound signals are truly irreplaceable for local drivers, light signals are something that most of them simply forget about. You will often see how a car makes a turn in the wrong place without even using winkers.
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