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Odense: Economy Car Rental

Finding affordable hatchback

Search-form presets - get available 'economy' cars at the rental location 'Odense Beldringe - Airport'. Address: Odense Lufthavn, Odense, 5270, Denmark.

You can also select any of the 2 available rental locations in Odense using the orange search form, or change the class of the desired low-cost vehicle to 'Mini' or 'Compact'.

If your budget is limited, it is better to book a car in advance, since rental rates increase with decayed availability of vehicles. Quite often, the cheapest options of golf-class cars in Denmark can be found in airports.

Map of Odense rental locations
Odense: Hints for compact car hire

The most popular models representing the mini, compact, and economy car segments in Odense are: Peugeot 107, Smart Car, Toyota Aygo, Chevrolet Matiz, Hyundai Atos, Kia Picanto and others.

When hiring a budget hatchback, it is definitely worth saving on insurance deposit (franchise). Deposits on small cars in Denmark vary from 100 to 1.000 euro/dollars. Check the rental conditions of each car in your selection to find a vehicle with a minimum deposit.

If your routes in Denmark are foreseen to pass through hilly areas or mountains, it is not recommended to consider very small cars for rental. Their powerplants are usually insufficient for a confident driving on the roads with long or steep climbs.

At the rental office in Odense, consider to take a 'Breakdown Assistance' package or ask an officer for a contact data to use in case of a vehicle breakdown. Cheap cars are sometimes unpredictable in operation.

Upon receipt of the rental invoice, please check that all the information, as well as the final payment amount do match the data in your voucher. wishes you a safe and great trip to Odense!

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Driving Advices for Denmark – Traffic Regulations and Road Usage Peculiarities
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The process of paying for parking in Denmark is standard. Almost all parking lots are equipped with special machines that accept payments. You need to park your car on a free parking space, go to the machine, dial the number of your parking space, and then insert the money. The machine prints the ticket with the indicated end time of parking. This ticket must be placed in a prominent place on the front window.
Note that the permitted time of parking is controlled and you cannot exceed the end time indicated in your ticket. If you do not need to pick up the car or want to extend the parking time, it is necessary to go back to the parking lot and make one more payment. The fine for overdue parking ranges from 200 to 300 euro.
It is important to note that there are special parking places for the disabled and drivers of electric cars. Other drivers are not permitted to occupy those parking places. Such parking spaces are always marked with appropriate signs, and spaces for electric cars are even equipped with special charging sockets.
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