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Advices for Car Trips through Bulgaria

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22. Just several years ago roads of Bulgaria were in real chaos that was similar to one that can be seen in the Arab world. Now the situation has changed, although local drivers are still prone to minor violations. The most common fines in the country are for speeding and wrong parking.
23. In accordance to the new rules, which came into force in August 2012, drivers must keep low beams turned on at any time and in any weather conditions.
24. There are no strict rules concerning the use of winter tires in cold season. However, if in winter the car equipped with summer tires will get into an accident (the probability of this is very high because local roads are slippery in winter), the driver will have to pay a large fine and his driving license is likely to be cancelled.

Renting a Car in Bulgaria - Recommendations

If you need a car with an automatic transmission, it is recommended to book it in advance. Cars with automatic transmissions are often sparse in Bulgaria, so the rental confirmation may take a longer period.

When selecting a specific model for traveling throughout Bulgaria, we recommend to take into consideration some practical apects. If you are going to drive mostly in the cities, then a car of a small size is preferable, while for long distance trips (and trips in the mountains) we recommend to choose a larger and more powerful car.

Prior your car retrun, please clean the salon from a garbage, and do not forget to take away all your belongings from the passenger compartment.

At the car return time, please ask the officer to make a visual inspection of the vehicle for defects and to sign the acceptance report. Keep the invoice and the acceptance report for next few months.

For a car rental options in Bulgaria, we advise you to check actual offers in the orange search form at the top. We guarantee that you would not be able to find better rates anywhere else!
25. People, who are used to throwing rubbish out of the car window, should say goodbye to the bad habit as quickly as possible. The fine for this violation estimates 30 leva.
26. Foreign motorists, who plan to travel to Bulgaria in a personal car, will need to buy a vignette. It can be valid for 7 days, a month or a year, the approximate cost of the vignette is approximately 7, 13 and 34 euro respectively. You can buy it at special checkpoints with the «ROAD CHARGING POINT» mark or at the customs.
27. You may be required to pay an additional fee for the use of some bridges. The bridge of Ruse – Giurgiu is one of them. The ferry services are also paid separately. The cost of transporting a conventional car can range from 7 to 23 euro.
28. The minimum allowed speed on the highway is 50 km/h. If you drive slower than 50 km/h without a particular reason (for example, your car is broken and it cannot move faster), then it is considered a serious violation. However, in some pedestrian zones the maximum allowed speed is only 20 km/h.
29. Local petrol stations sell diesel fuel and unleaded gasoline (95 and 98). Drivers are allowed to carry up to 10 liters of petrol in the car. Gas filling stations are also common in Bulgaria, but it will be rather difficult to find one away from big cities, as they are not very common in the country.
30. Your car must be supplied with a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a warning triangle and a reflective vest. The latter is needed if your car breaks down on a highway - going out of the car on a highway is strictly prohibited without a reflective vest.
31. It is prohibited to use studded tires. In winter, it is allowed to use snow chains in some areas. In this case, you will see special road signs that permit the use of snow chains.
32. Drivers, who simply cannot imagine traveling without the navigator, should deactivate the program that specifies the location of fixed cameras on the road. Speeding is considered one of the most serious traffic violations in Bulgaria. The fine for the use of prohibited software is 50 leva.
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