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Driving in Bulgaria – Recommendations, Tips and Tricks

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12. Note that it is always very hard to find a free parking space in the center of large cities. Therefore, many experienced drivers prefer to leave the car parked in a suburban area, then get to the downtown by public transport. It should be noted that this solution is also quite advantageous in terms of cost.
13. While driving, it is possible to use sound signals only in case of a serious danger. If you honk without any particular need, you can be fined in the amount of 10 lev.
14. Drivers should be particularly careful when driving on road sections with pedestrian crossings. If you pass a red light or do not give way to pedestrians, this may result in a fine of 50 leva. Pedestrians have the advantage on the road. Drivers need to give way to them even if there is no “zebra” marking on the road.

Hints on Car Hire in Bulgaria

When choosing a car for your Bulgaria trip, don’t forget to check and compare the franchise amount (indicated in the rental conditions) for all cars considered in your selection. The franchise may vary from 200 to 2000 euro/dollars even for cars of the same class. A thorough comparison will allow you to choose the option with the lowest franchise.

During your booking, we will offer you to take a full coverage of the franchise ('No Risk' or 'No Excess' package). If you book a car without full coverage, it is recommended to take it at the pick-up time - this will substantially reduce your financial liability in Bulgaria for the whole rental period.

During your car pick-up in Bulgaria, do not forget to check what to do in breakdown-, accident- or theft-cases. Most of our offers include 'Breakdown Assistance' package. Besides this, every rental office would be happy to assist you with this package.

Prior to the car return, please check your voucher for the fuel conditions. If it is indicated that a driver shall return the car with a full tank, do not forget to refuel it on the way back, this will save you from additional charges at the rental office.

If you are looking for a car hire in Bulgaria, we advise you to check actual rental offers. Just use the orange search form at the top. We guarantee that you would not be able to find better rates anywhere else!
15. Local people are very concerned about the environment, so it is not allowed to stand with the car engine running. You can keep the engine running only if you simply need to load or unload passengers. The violation of this rule will result in a fine of 150 leva.
16. Police checks are not rare on the road. Absolutely every car can be stopped to perform the driver’s documents check. Therefore, do not forget that it is mandatory to carry the driving license, the vehicle certificate, as well as insurance (the green card). Foreign drivers also need to have the passport. If one of these documents is absent, the police can issue a fine that ranges from 50 to 200 leva.
17. It is not difficult to navigate on the roads of Bulgaria. Roads of every type are equipped with certain types of road signs. On motorways, you will see road signs with green background, and on main roads the background is blue. On secondary roads, all road signs have white background.
18. Foreign drivers are recommended to avoid traveling at night. Country roads are usually lit poorly, and local drivers often move with car beams turned off. The places of road works are also not always marked with special signs.
19. In winter, it may be extremely dangerous to travel on some roads without snow chains. The best time for travel in Bulgaria is summer, but if you want to enjoy the beauty of Bulgaria in winter, it is better to find out information about peculiarities of local roads and popular routes in advance.
20. In small towns, you will find many very narrow and winding roads. It is usually very easy to get lost on such roads because many of them have almost no road signs. The navigator will become a great helper for inexperienced motorists. You can also purchase the map in advance.
21. On country roads, in addition to cars you will see many carts. The donkey-drawn carriage can move slowly on the very center of a narrow road. Here it should be mentioned that drivers of horse-drawn transport are not always quick to react to signals of motorists and to give way.
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