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Advices for Car Trips through Belgium

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24. Drivers are allowed to pay in cash to use the tunnel. In this case it is necessary to choose the lane with green markings. The payment can be done not only in euro, but also in U.S. dollars, Swedish and Danish kronor, British pounds and Swiss francs. Drivers should not forget that all currencies are converted to the euro, and so the change is given in euro only.
25. It is also possible to pay by credit cards of the following types: Visa, American Express, Eurocard – Mastercard, and Diners. If you want to pay by bank transfer, choose the lane with blue markings. The blue lane is also for drivers who use the Telepass electronic system of payments.
26. There are quite many motorcyclists and cyclists on the roads of Belgium. Drivers should remember that they have certain privileges. For example, bicycle and motorbike drivers have the right to move on the lanes that are normally designated for public transport if there is no corresponding prohibitory sign on the road. If there is a traffic jam, moped and motorcycle riders can move between rows of cars, but their speed should not exceed 50 km/h.

Renting a Car in Belgium - Recommendations

If you need a car with an automatic transmission, it is recommended to book it in advance. Cars with automatic transmissions are often sparse in Belgium, so the rental confirmation may take a longer period.

When selecting a specific model for traveling throughout Belgium, we recommend to take into consideration some practical apects. If you are going to drive mostly in the cities, then a car of a small size is preferable, while for long distance trips (and trips in the mountains) we recommend to choose a larger and more powerful car.

Prior your car retrun, please clean the salon from a garbage, and do not forget to take away all your belongings from the passenger compartment.

At the car return time, please ask the officer to make a visual inspection of the vehicle for defects and to sign the acceptance report. Keep the invoice and the acceptance report for next few months.

For a car rental options in Belgium, we advise you to check actual offers in the orange search form at the top. We guarantee that you would not be able to find better rates anywhere else!
27. On local petrol stations drivers can buy unleaded gasoline (95 and 98), as well as diesel fuel. Drivers, who plan to make long distance rides, will certainly be pleased to know that it is allowed to transport gasoline in cans. There are also gas filling stations in Belgium, but they are not so widespread.
28. In the city, petrol stations usually work from 8am to 8pm, so drivers should think about filling the tank in advance. Convenience petrol stations can be found only near highways.
29. Drivers are recommended to keep a reflective vest in the car. Despite the fact that it is not included in the list of mandatory items, it is prohibited to get out of the car without a vest in case of a sudden breakdown on the road. The penalty for breaking this rule is from 50 to 1,500 euro.
30. Using and even carrying radar detectors is considered one of the most serious traffic violations. If the prohibited device is found during the inspection, it will be confiscated immediately. The driver, who was using or carrying the device, will have to pay a large fine and may be imprisoned for the period from 15 to 90 days.
31. However, in Belgium, drivers are allowed to use navigation software that often allows determining the location of cameras and radars on the road.
32. During the period from the beginning of October until the end of April, drivers are allowed to use snow tires. If you need to travel on the road covered with snow and ice, it is also permitted to equip the vehicle with snow chains.
33. Snow tires can be used in the period from the beginning of November to late March. Only vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons are allowed to use snow tires.
34. Travellers, who plan to visit Belgium for the first time, are strongly recommended to purchase a road map or install a car navigator. It may be quite difficult to drive on some roads as country roads in Belgium often do not have color markings and unified parameters.
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