Travel guide over Venice sights

By the way, a ride in gondola on Venice's canals is entertainment for romantic travelers with big wallets. Locals use gondolas only during weddings or funerals. However, one must admit that it is possible to get the best impression of Venice only during a ride in a gondola on Canal Grande , the most beautiful of the 177 channels of the city. This canal is surrounded by beautiful palaces that stand on the both sides of it. … Further

Extraordinary places and attractions in Venice

If you think that you’re well-aware of all important religious landmarks of Venice, you might be mistaken. Travelers keen on art will find it very interesting to visit the ancient church of San Fantin. It’s incredibly interesting not only because of its old fa├žade, but also because of an installation, Post-vs-Proto-Renaissance, exhibited there. The author of the installation is Oksana Mas, a famous modern artist. Post-vs-Proto-Renaissance consists of 13,000 wooden Easter eggs, each of which is hand painted. … Further

Stylish hotels of Venice

Fans of modern luxury will be very impressed with the design of service of Carnival Palace. Guest rooms of this hotel are made in different styles and color combinations, but all of them feature premium textiles and gorgeous furniture in Venetian style. In some guest rooms, there is a giant wooden bed in the colonial style, while designer lamps and chandeliers in black create a truly inimitable look. The high-class hotel has a wonderful adjusting territory that comes with a charming inner yard and spacious summer terraces. … Further

Review on top hotels of Venice

Hotel Metropole is one of the most prestigious hotels in Venice. The design of the fabulous hotel is worth an art museum as one can see unique artworks virtually everywhere at Metropole. Both guest rooms and the restaurant are decorated with old paintings, and in the halls, there is an interesting collection of old fans. However, one of the most important historical treasures is hidden in the surrounding garden. Make a walk there to find an ancient well among exotic plants and green bushes. The well was constructed more than 600 years ago. Hotel Metropole offers a wide range of classy guest rooms for travelers, including luxurious suites that cost no less than US$1,000 a night. … Further
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