Travel guide over Thessaloniki sights

The Basilica of St. Demetrios is very symbolic for the city. On the place where currently the church is located, there were Roman baths in the 4th century. The very first church in their place was built in the 7th century. It was destroyed during an earthquake soon afterward. The church had to be literally restored from the ruins. In the 14th century, the temple was converted into a mosque. They began to conduct Christian religious services at the beginning of the 20th century only. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Thessaloniki

The Sokratis restaurant specializes in the Mediterranean cuisine trend. All the gastronomy masterpieces of the restaurant feature great quality and inimitable artistic finish. During the daytime the Sokratis restaurant serves set menu at a rather affordable price. This eating house will turn to a perfect place for families with kids. The Mpakaliarakia tou Aristou restaurant is a typical Greek cuisine eating house. Among its specialities regular customers give preference to fish dishes cooked following special chef’s recipes. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

Despite its hard luck the church has managed to preserve its inimitable inner decoration and splendor. Its walls keep numerous artifacts among which tourists will observe the relics of Saint Demetrius, patron saint of the city. The White Tower is another remarkable landmark of the city known far beyond the country boundaries. It is a remaining part of the fortifying construction which has by miracle been preserved after the Greco-Turkish War. The construction of the tower took place in 1430. For a long period of time the tower was used as a prison building. Punishments of the sentenced to death prisoners took place there as well. In memory of that time the tower has got the nickname of the Tower of Blood or the Red Tower. … Further

Attractions and nightlife of Thessaloniki

This market offers various fresh fruits and vegetables, sea foods and best sorts of cheese as well as handmade crafts. One of the main features of the market is affordable pricing. Several renowned restaurants and cafes are hosted on its premises. The Notos Galleries shopping center is one of the most remarkable stores of the city. The center is located right in the heart of the resort and offers its visitors a vast choice of brand clothes, beauty goods and cosmetics of local production, elite perfumes and jewelries. The shopping center hosts several large groceries as well. … Further

Traditions and mentality of locals

The first dancing festival took place in Thessaloniki just a few years ago. Today the festival is a part of cultural life of the city and is a recommended event to visit for tourists wishing to get a deeper insight into the culture of the country. Annually the festival is visited by famous musicians and performers making the festival even more engaging and interesting. Thessaloniki is commonly referred to as the gastronomy capital of the country. The city hosts several excellent restaurants known far beyond the country boundaries. … Further
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