Travel guide over Singapore sights

Sentosa Island.
Sentosa Island is told to be in a complete contrast to bustling and noisy Singapore. This island, which is connected with Singapore by a bulk bridge, is the location of a large park. The park is, without a doubt, a reflection of the relaxed atmosphere of Sentosa. Besides this, the park is a great place where you can find beaches, golf courses, wonderful cafes and restaurants, and a variety of attractions, such as Volcanoland or the Asian Village. Visitors will be surely fascinated with turbulent mountain streams of Fantasy Island. Do not forget to visit Asia's largest aquarium with tropical fish - Underwater World . Tourists, who are keen on history, will be glad to see the photograph exhibition named Images of Singapore. The photos exhibited here throw light upon former life of the island, local festivals and traditions. … Further

Extraordinary places and attractions in Singapore

When you familiarize yourself with all outstanding landmarks of the city, it’s high time to start searching for the “unluckiest” building in Singapore. That’s an unofficial name that locals gave to a modern skyscraper located not far from Bobby Fabrics. The high-rise building looks ordinary at a glance, with an unusual triangle shape being its only difference. However, Feng Shui experts claim that such a shape of the building brings bad luck. Many locals hurried to change the place of living when the construction works ended. Those, who don’t follow Feng Shui rules, continue admiring the wonderful example of modern architecture. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Singapore

Cappadocia restaurant also serves various dishes from Mediterranean cuisine. Visitors of this place usually order such dishes as barbecue and fried shrimps with spicy sauce. The local chefs are magicians when it comes to beef on a skewer, which is usually served with braised mushrooms and spinach. The restaurant’s hall is decorated in a unique oriental style and resembles a luxurious hall of the palace. Fans of Thai cuisine will surely enjoy visiting Bali Thai restaurant. Its menu includes a traditional soup Tom Yum, papaya salad, fish in breadcrumbs with spicy chili sauce, and lots of other exotic dishes. Gourmets will like fish fried on grill, bean curd and crayfish cooked in accordance with a special recipe. … Further

Stylish hotels of Singapore

The high-class Wangz Hotel is open in an unusual and creative building that resembles a tower. The design of guest rooms is also unique and inimitable. Calm shades dominate in guest rooms, each of which is decorated with fabulous photographs of exotic animals and birds. In some guest rooms, there are beautiful wall drawings and floral patterns, and in some rooms, visitors will be able to admire works of talented modern artists. Clients of the hotel will have an opportunity to choose a room with a panoramic view of the garden or lively city streets. … Further

Review on top hotels of Singapore

The famous Mandarin Orchard Singapore offers more than a thousand guest rooms of different categories. The 70 square-meter Presidentian suite is worth a separate mention. It’s a paradise for fans of comfort. All suites are made in black and white colors and come with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. Each of the elite rooms has comfortable massage armchairs. Travelers, who stay in these suites, gain access to the club lounge that offers elite drinks and rare delicacies. … Further
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