Travel guide over Merida sights

One of the main historical symbols of Mérida is the Casa de Montejo Mansion, the oldest building in the city that was built in 1542. From the moment of construction until the 70s of the 20th century, this mansion belonged to the Montejo family. Now it has a museum and a cultural center. In the mansion, environment of the past was maximally preserved. A collection of antique furniture, household items and works of art, as well as belongings of former owners, are preserved in it. … Further

Extraordinary places and attractions in Merida

Merida also has less touristy places. A great example is an abandoned railway station, which is highly recommended to all fans of walks in unusual locations. Merida's train station operated until the 90s of the last century and then fell into disrepair. Now its building is converted into offices, while a railway platform and railway tracks behind it have been in desolation for more than 20 years. Some wagons remained standing on the tracks, you can walk among them for hours enjoying the tranquility - it is unlikely to meet people in this area. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Merida

One of the most original meat specialties is tamale - minced meat cooked in corn leaves. The original dish is so popular among locals that an annual gastronomic festival is dedicated to it. Today, chefs have over 500 tamale recipes: it can be prepared from various types of meat with the addition of interesting ingredients and spices. At Merida's restaurants, fans of original dishes must try “chicharon” - that's how they call a hearty roll made from slices of fried pork skin. Those who prefer more traditional food will be offered to try various types of goulash, as well as poultry dishes at pretty attractive prices. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

Merida's main cultural center is the Museum of Anthropology and History that occupies a splendid neoclassical mansion. The building with a snow-white facade was built in the early 20th century and is now surrounded by a lush garden. The museum boasts an interesting collection of artifacts dedicated to the Mayan culture, here you can see archaeological artifacts discovered during archaeological research. Antique tableware, stone sculptures, and wooden crafts, ceremonial attributes and decorations are just a small part of all the exhibits displayed. The permanent exhibition of the museum is located on the ground floor, and the halls of the next floor are used for temporary exhibitions. … Further

Attractions and nightlife of Merida

A wide choice of facilities is offered to fans of water entertainment - there are several large water parks in the city. Acuatico Baxal Ja is considered one of the best. This water park is outdoor and occupies a vast area. Visitors can enjoy huge pools with colorful slides, spacious sunbathing terraces, as well as many playgrounds for children of any age. Special small pools with fountains are equipped in the water park for small visitors. It will be comfortable to relax here even with preschool kids. There is a nice cafe in the water park, so you can have fun all day long here. … Further
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