Travel guide over Kazan sights

The Palace of Farmers has a special value among architectural monuments of Kazan. With its exterior, it resembles luxurious palaces built in the period between the 18th-19th centuries in Italy. Actually, this luxurious building was built not so long ago, in 2010. Today, this belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture of Tatarstan. The temple is surrounded by the beautiful landscape garden. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Kazan

In addition to meat, regular boiled potatoes with horseradish are often served, a significant part of the national treats are simple to cook. On holidays, one of the main dishes is a chicken stuffed with eggs and milk. Considering the fact that the dough plays an important role in the national cuisine of the Tatar people, there are also a lot of pies baked here; local hostesses are able to cook hundreds of different types of dough. The most ancient of all existing pies is "kystybai" - a combination of mashed potatoes, millet porridge and unleavened dough. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

There are excellent observation platforms on the territory of the Kremlin, from which a very picturesque view of the banks of the Volga opens, especially in the place where Kazanka flows into it. Here is an island on which a monument to Russian soldiers, who died during the capture of Kazan, was built. Previously, the monument was called "The Temple of Holy Face of Christ the Savior". Bauman Street, which is secretly called "Kazansky Arbat", is located in the center of the city, among its main decorations, the Epiphany Cathedral, in which Feodor Chaliapin was christened. The bizarre bell tower of the cathedral is considered the most interesting decoration of the historic street, to which leads six bridges, which cross over the Bulaq canal. Each of the bridges not only has its own name, but also its own history. Despite the fact that the bridges are already several centuries old, they are perfectly preserved and manage their destination. … Further

Attractions and nightlife of Kazan

There is an excellent water park "Riviera" in the city, which occupies a vast territory and is ready to offer visitors a wide variety of entertainment. For admirers of serene leisure, there are huge pools with sun terraces, and for fans of outdoor activities there are many slides and attractions. More quiet and secluded is the water park Baryonix. Here you can comfortably relax even with young children. … Further
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