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Millennials in the UK Want to Make Long-Haul Trips

News The latest survey in the UK proves that millennials are not only one of the most active traveler groups but also the category that is most likely to make long-haul trips. Almost half of the respondents (49%) in this age group say they are ready to fly many hours to the destination of their choice and are likely to rebook than cancel long-haul trips. Quite often, the absence of long-haul flights is the major problem for travelers these days since many countries reopen their borders. The government needs to work with air carriers to address this issue.

Experts say that the results of the survey are not surprising. The millennials in the UK have always been among the most active travelers. Typically, people aged 25 to 34 are the most interested in remote destinations. They want to see the world while they are still young and active, and they already have the financial freedom to do this.

Of course, hotels in Paris or Rome, or Lisbon hotels attract millennials too but they usually consider these destinations perfect for a long weekend. Furthermore, long-haul traveling is potentially risky for older people due to Covid-19 pandemic. As younger people are not in the vulnerable zone, they feel more confident about long-distance flights.

On July 3rd, the UK Government issued a list of countries that accept travelers from the UK and do not require the quarantine period. At the moment, there are 60 countries on this list but the majority of them are European destinations. At the Brexit transition period is slowly reaching its end, the European Union might become a more appealing destination for travelers from the UK as there will be no “domestic” feel anymore, but young Brits still want to see more remote places. However, the coronavirus pandemic might be the main factor to consider in the coming months as many destinations might remain closed.

Unlike in the past, the government now plays an important role in the further development of tourism. Before the pandemic, people could decide where they wanted to go and choose the places they considered attractive. Nowadays, the government regulates many aspects of travel. This is particularly true about aviation. To ensure faster recovery of the industry, common international standards are required. They must regulate the safety of long-haul flights so that air carriers can resume them.


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