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Spa Experts at Anantara Offer Home Self-Care Recommendations

News Isolation at home can be very hard because it drastically changes the way we live and relax. The inability to travel and enjoy various revitalizing treatments is the necessary evil these days because this way people can protect themselves from COVID-19. To make self-isolation a little bit more enjoyable, many companies and personalities share advice and recommendation. This time, experts from Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas want to help people to practice self-care at home.

The famous hotel company is going to share a series of videos and articles targeted at helping people to stay healthy and happy at home. As a part of the new initiative, spa experts from Anantara hotels around the world share their recommendations. For example, the Anantara the Palm hotel in Dubai, the UAE, recommends people to try to follow their typical routine when they work from home. Try to wake up and go to bed at your typical time. To help the immune system, consider squeezing half a lemon into a glass with warm water and drink it before breakfast.

The company’s hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand, has the following advice. Fasting or not eating for 16-18 hours can be helpful in reaching restorative sleep. Stop eating after lunch and have your next meal the next morning. Sip a bit of oil before going to sleep if you are very hungry. It is better to go to bed before midnight as this helps to restore the immune system better.

The Ayurveda Doctor from Anantara’s hotel in Sri Lanka reminds us that meditation is good for the body in so many ways. It reduces blood pressure, improves focus, lowers the stress level, and makes us full of energy. Breathing techniques are also great during the self-isolation period. Consider trying the Pranayama breathing meditation.

Finally, the Master of Wellness at Anantara Resort in Koh Phangan has a whole plan on how to make lockdown easier. Eat light and healthy food, maintain your routine lifestyle, drink a lot, and don’t forget about regular exercise. As most people are less active during the self-isolation period, it is necessary to eat mostly light and simple food. Don’t forget about drinking from two to three liters of water every day, avoiding various carbonated beverages. Try to follow your usual routine, do your chores, and exercise every day for 45-60 minutes. Activities like yoga and Tai-Chi are perfect for this period.


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