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Travel Trends for the New Decade

News With the start of 2020, we have entered a new decade that is likely to change our lives in many aspects, and traveling is no exception. How will our travel experience change in the next 10 years? Some experts think the top 3 changes will be the following: passport-free travel, mobile check-in, and one app for everything that tourists need.

As new technologies appear in our lives every year, it is easy to guess that traveling apps will continue developing in the future. Some think that there will be one revolutionary app that will change the way we make bookings nowadays. More than half of respondents from South East Asia believe in this, opposite to only one-third of respondents from the UK and the US. Passport-free travel is one more trend – tourists from such countries as Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, China, and Australia think that this will be the norm within this decade. People from such countries as the USA and the UK disagree. Only one in five respondents think passport-free travel will become widespread in the coming years.

Eco-friendly travel will become a major trend in the new decade. People expect to travel more in the 2020s. As many as 40% of respondents say they want to know more about their home countries while 35% of the survey participants want to travel abroad. Such age groups as 35-44 years and 55+ years old are the most interested in domestic travel. That being said, people want to travel knowing they do not cause much harm to the environment. The number of travelers willing to book eco-friendly hotels is growing. Travelers from Japan and Korea think they will be more interested in solo travel in the next decade.

What destinations will be hot in the coming years? It looks like hotels in Kyoto are going to have a busy decade as this city won the title of the most sought after travel choice. Tourists praise the city’s rich culture, history, and delicious food. Bangkok hotels will not feel forgotten as well – the capital of Thailand is the second-most-popular travel choice followed by Bali (Indonesia).

New York was among the top choices for travelers from the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and South Korea. Many tourists from Indonesia and Malaysia hope they will be able to visit Makkah until 2030. Chinese travelers are eager to visit Kyoto, Shanghai, and Bangkok. Australia, South Korea, and the UK are not much interested in domestic travel and want to make vacations abroad instead.


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