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Outbound Trips From Europe: 2020 Trends

News Europe is a popular travel destination for people in many parts of the world, but outbound trips from Europe also continue growing. In January – August 2019, the number of outbound trips from Europe added 2.5%. Eastern Europe shows a higher growth here compared to the western one. Once again, the popularity of city breaks has no signs of decreasing – it added fantastic 7% during the same period. Germany remains a popular choice – the number of outbound trips to this country added 4%, which is significantly more than the European average.

In 2018, there was strong growth (+5%) in the number of outbound trips from Europe. The demand has stabilized this year, reaching an increase of 2.55 during the first eight months. This is lower than the global average tourism growth of 3.9%. Eastern Europe is the main source of growth nowadays. In January – August 2019, outbound trips from Russia added 7%, followed by Poland and the Czech Republic with increases of 6% and 5% respectively. Western Europe couldn’t post similar results. Outbound trips from Germany added only 2%. The Netherlands and Switzerland posted similar results. France and Italy reached a bit higher growth (+3%).

When it comes to choosing a destination for their trips, Europeans prefer to stay in Europe (+3% in 2019) rather than heading to Asia (+2%). In recent years, the growth of trips from Europe to America was nearly flat, but it has added 3% this year.

What destinations do Europeans like the most? It looks like hotels in Madrid and Barcelona do not need to worry as Spain remains the most popular holiday destination. Greece, Turkey, and Portugal also posted high results. Germany enjoyed a significant increase in the number of European tourists. At the same time, the UK had a negative change in the number of European guests (-5%).

City breaks have become increasingly popular in recent years, and this trend will continue in 2020. With an increase of 7%, city breaks are the main reason for the overall tourism growth. Countryside holidays and cruises also gain popularity – both of them added 5% during the first eight months of 2019. Beach holidays still remain the most popular choice, but their growth is significantly lower – only +2%. Round trips added only 1% during the same period. In 2020, the number of outbound trips from Europe is expected to add 3% or 4%, which will be a higher result than in 2019.


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