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Gen Z Travelers Reveal Their Preferences and Wants

News Recently, Booking.com released the results of its global survey regarding wants and goals of Gen Z travelers. This survey is a way to know what people aged 16-24 really need and wish. Gen Z is coming of age and starts discovering the world. While the media pays much attention to the preferences of these young people, who does know them better than the young people themselves?

More than 22,000 respondents from 29 countries participated in this survey. The study revealed that Gen Z has ambitious goals when it comes to traveling. Four out of ten respondents say they plan to visit at least three different countries within the next ten years. Moreover, one-third of young people want to study or live abroad. Gen Z is not much interested in traditional vacations like booking a hotel in Paris and then relaxing in a cruise ship on the Seine. More than a half (56%) seek adventure experiences such as bungee jumping, paragliding or rock climbing. They also see adventures as a way to learn something new and to study (33%).

Independence is very important for Gen Z. They are more interested in solo traveling than other generations. A third of respondents (33%) say they prefer to be alone when they travel. Approximately the same number of respondents (34%; 36% women and 32% men) plan to travel alone at least once over the next ten years.

An interesting fact: 69% of Gen Z already has a travel bucket list. This is a list of things to do and to see before death. Why do they make these lists? 44% say they simply like daydreaming about their future. 23% say they enjoy turning their goals into reality and traveling to the places they mark. Finally, another 23% say this is just a handy way not to forget about cool places that they don’t know. Almost a half (44%) mentions Instagram as their main inspiration. That being said, Gen Z is less impulsive travelers than Baby Boomers (aged 55+) and Millennials (aged 25-39).

Gen Z takes traveling seriously – 60% of respondents say that traveling is always a worthy investment. “Traveling and seeing the world” was ranked the most important spending category (65%). Young people prioritized it over education and down payment for a house (both 60%). Surprisingly, material possessions like new tech and branded clothing and accessories got the least of votes. Gen Z is also more likely to spend on travel than Spa/beauty treatments, furniture, eating in restaurants, fashion, and even gadgets.


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