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Travel Ideas: the Oldest Casinos in the World

News Having visited numerous iconic destinations, tourists might think of unusual and interesting travel ideas. Here is one. For many people around the world, massive and flashy casino resorts of Las Vegas are the standard of casinos. Not many of them know that, however, Europe is the home to organized gambling. Historic casinos in Europe are less flashy and sparkling, these are elegant buildings that are interesting to visit even if you have zero interesting in gambling.

Many European casinos served gamblers before Las Vegas was even founded, and some of these venues are still open. The Monte Carlo Casino is, perhaps, the most famous of them, but it is not the only old casino in Europe that is worth visiting. Every year, numerous fans of history and rejuvenating treatments book hotels in Wiesbaden. The healing properties of local thermal springs have been famous since Roman times. However, Wiesbaden became a popular spa resort only at the beginning of the 19th century. As high-class visitors became more frequent among guests of the resort, a casino was built in 1810.

The “Cursaal” casino quickly became too small, and the new one, “Kurhaus” was opened in 1907. This is an elegant complex consisting of a park, concert halls, reading rooms, and ballrooms. The Wiesbaden Casino is widely recognized as one of the finest casinos in Europe, and so many tourists visit it every year. It is definitely a good reason to find a suitable hotel in Wiesbaden and enjoy a refreshing holiday in this spa town.

Baden-Baden is one more famous spa resort, so Baden-Baden hotels are always full of vacationers. The main structure of the resort was created by Friedrich Weinbrenner in 1824. The casino was built at that time as well, but it wasn’t popular at the start. However, gambling was banned in France in the mid-1830s, and so the Kurhaus of Baden-Baden quickly became a well-known destination. Marlene Dietrich, the famous German actress and singer, once called the Baden-Baden Casino the most beautiful in the world.

Perhaps, not many people are aware of the fact that Venice is the cradle of organized gambling. Il Ridotto" (The Private Room) – this is the name of the first government-run gambling venue that opened its doors in 1638. However, the venue was closed a century later, and Venice didn’t have a casino until the 1930s. The modern Venice Casino in a palazzo overlooking the Grand Canal was opened in the 50s of the previous century. It is a beautiful venue to explore for all fans of history and gambling.


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