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Virtual Helsinki Hopes to Attract 1 Million Guests in 2019

News If you always wanted to book a hotel in Helsinki and finally visit this amazing city but was never able to do that, it is your chance to explore the capital of Finland without actually leaving your home. Together with ZOAN, a studio specializing in VR experiences, the city of Helsinki developed a whole virtual model of the capital that everyone is welcome to “visit”.

VR-Helsinki is a 3D digital twin of the actual city and a new service platform that is set to launch soon. Next year, creators of virtual Helsinki hope to attract as many as 1 million visitors. Virtual tourism is often described as a new way of sustainable tourism. It is no secret that tourism has a large negative impact on the climate, and many popular cities in the world are simply overcrowded due to the increased number of guests. Helsinki decided to become a pioneer in sustainable tourism and offer something new to modern travelers. Thanks to the latest digital innovations, it became possible to create a precise copy of the city using 3D modeling.

This year, Helsinki won the European Capital of Smart Tourism title established by the European Commission. It includes such parameters as rich cultural heritage, sustainable development in the tourism sphere, innovative offerings, and adoption of digital services. VR-Helsinki covers all these and offers a brand new experience for people around the world.

During the virtual tour, people can explore Senate Square, the fabulous island of Lonna, the home of famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in Munkkiniemi, and other landmarks of Helsinki. The VR tour has changing seasons and a musical accompaniment. It is not for VR models to have 360-degree graphics, and developers of digital Helsinki have gone further. Digital tourists can move freely in the city and interact with certain objects. Later, the platform will offer more functionality for local businesses. For example, visitors can look at different Finnish products, order them, and have them delivered to their homes by post. As virtual reality will become more social oriented in the future, people will be able to meet their friends in the virtual Helsinki and they can explore the city together.

Helsinki is an amazing city that is worth visiting in virtual reality or in real life. If purchasing tickets to Finland and booking a hotel in Helsinki sounds like too much of hassle, then simply enjoy the city while sitting on your favorite sofa. The model will start working next year. Developers of VR-Helsinki plan to use the model for practical purposes as well, for example, use it as a host city for events and meetings.


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