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Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Trends 2019

News As the next year is approaching, more and more travel trends appear in media. This time the new trends are about the wedding and honeymoon industry. Celebrating weddings abroad has become very popular, and honeymoon travel has always been an essential part of any wedding celebration. Nowadays, many millennials are getting married, so it is very interesting to know what they and other couples will be probably interested in next year.

Heritage return has become a very popular destination wedding trend in recent years. This is the type of wedding when a couple returns to the land of ancestry for one or both the partners. For example, people with Italian or Irish roots decide to make their wedding ceremony there.

Tuscany hotels (Italy), as well as hotels in Paris, Provence (France) or Amalfi Coast (Italy), seem to never run out of bookings from soon to be married couples. These are the most popular destinations for weddings in the world, as well as County Kildare in Ireland, Napa Valley in California, and Marrakesh in Morocco. The list of the most popular destinations for honeymoon travel in 2019 is somewhat different and includes Marrakesh in Morocco, Algarve in Portugal, Santorini in Greece, and Swiss Alps.

The wedding is always a well-prepared celebration, and the same applies to destination weddings. Couples prefer to book them significantly in advance. The average wedding bookings are made as early as 15 months before the actual event. Honeymoon bookings are, as a rule, made 5 months before the wedding. The choice of destination also becomes crucial as guests these days tend to attend weddings based on the destination rather than on their desire to see the couple wed.

Pre-wedding trips is another rising trend. More and more couples do not rely on photographs and prefer to visit their wedding destinations in advance in order to see everything with their own eyes. They want to see the actual venue of the wedding ceremony in order to plan everything thoroughly. This also marks one more wedding trend of 2019 – the decreased popularity of pre-packaged weddings. Hotels that offer wedding packages become less popular as more couples choose a destination and then prefer to hire a local wedding planner instead of sticking to standard hotel packages.

Finally, no matter what destination couples choose, they want their wedding to last more than just one day. Multi-day celebrations packed with various events and authentic experiences for all guests have become very popular recently. Guest’s welcome bags include more local specialties rather than standard gifts.


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