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Asia Pacific Travelers are Increasingly Interested in Snow Holidays

News Snow holidays, which can be described as a 2-night or longer trip to a mountain destination or any resort with ski or snowboarding, are yet something new for travelers from the Asia Pacific. However, the number of tourists interested in such vacations is increasing, especially among millennials. Within the last three years, as many as 238 million travelers visited snow destinations. This number includes 138 million travelers that had a snow holiday within last 12 months.

As expected, China has the biggest number of travelers interested in vacations to mountain destinations. India and Japan occupy the second and third place respectively. That said, travelers from Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Singapore are also increasingly interested in snow holidays. They name such factors as new experiences are fresh air the most sought-after factors.

The average age of a traveler interested in snow holidays is 38 years old in the Asia Pacific. Travelers from such countries as China, India, and Malaysia are somewhat younger – 34 years old. That is easy to explain as the countries mentioned above have many millennials. At the same time, the average age of a snow holiday traveler in Japan is 45 years old. Snow holidays remain an expensive vacation, so households with an income of USD 4,000 or more are interested in them. Women are generally more interested in snow adventures than men. In Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia more than a half respondents interested in snow holidays were women. Only India and Japan had significantly more men interested in such holidays.

Travelers from the Asia Pacific also have somewhat different expectations from their snow vacations. Unlike tourists from Europe and North America who are primarily interested in skiing and snowboarding, Asia Pacific travelers have more expectations. More than a half (53%) of respondents are interested in eating local delicacies. Other popular answers are spending time with friends and family, various fun activities, sightseeing, and contact with nature.

Hokkaido hotels may benefit the most from Asia Pacific seekers of snow holidays as Japan has 9 out of 11 top snow destinations chosen by travelers. South Korea is also popular with Asian travelers. Even though the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang have ended, there is still an increased interest in this destination. Beijing hotels are also getting more attention as the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are slowly approaching. Surprisingly, Switzerland is ranked third. That is particularly true about St Moritz resort that has got some recognition in regional Asian media.


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