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No More Cage Eggs at Scandic Hotels

News Scandic Hotels, the biggest hotel chain in Northern Europe, announced its decision to stop using eggs from caged hens. Every year, between 11.5 and 13 million eggs are used at Scandic hotels. This number includes whole boiled eggs, eggs added to food, and egg products. Most of these eggs were already from cage-free hens, but now Scandic decided to ban any use of cage eggs at all hotels of the chain.

The new initiative is already in action. Starting from September 2018, the company starts removing eggs from caged hens in all products served at Scandic hotels. The majority of eggs as a separate dish are already from free-range hens, but eggs are often an ingredient in cooking food. Until now, eggs as an ingredient were often from caged hens. Scandic has updated its policy to suppliers, letting them know that Scandic will now buy only cage-free eggs.

The company’s spokesman calls this a step forward towards sustainability and tells they are happy about this decision. The company always tries to make “conscious choices” that are based on the welfare of animals and the overall environmental impact. The number of cage-free hens is increasing drastically in the region. For example, 12% of the total number or a bit more than 1 million hens are caged in Sweden according to the information provided by Djurens R├Ątt, a local organization that fights for animal rights. The number of caged hens is decreasing as more companies and consumers choose eggs from free-range hens these days.

As Scandic is a large hotel chain with a presence in the majority of cities in Northern Europe, its decision will affect many suppliers and will help to continue reducing the number of hens that live in cages. This is not the first initiative of Scandic hotels to offer more sustainable food to its customers. The company’s food and beverage policy has been updated many times in order to offer healthy options that are good for both clients and the environment. For example, the company added vegan food to its buffet type breakfasts, offers more fair-trade products, and upgraded its food waste reduction policy.

The new egg initiative will be completed in several stages. The number of eggs from caged hens will be reduced gradually and will be completely phased out at all Scandic hotels in 2020. Scandic hotels in Norway are the only exception – eggs from caged hens will be phased out by 2020 in this country.


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