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Holiday Planning Distracts British From Work

News Holiday planning is certainly not something that can be taken easily. This is a serious process that can even make people forget about their work. This is what happens with British people and especially British men. The capital of the country, London, is the leading city where employees are distracted from work because they plan their next vacation. On average, employees lose approximately 39 minutes every week.

According to the new study commissioned by Finder, as many as 58% of British employees plan their holidays at work during work hours. Moreover, they do it not occasionally but every week. As it was mentioned above, an average employee spends 39 minutes every week planning their next vacation. That might look not much, but if we calculate it on a larger scale, the result is striking – an average British employee spends 3 working days a year planning holidays! Moreover, a million of British people wastes 3 and more hours a week planning their next vacation.

Nationwide, such interest in vacation planning at work costs nearly 180 million pounds in wages each week to UK businesses. That is 9.3 billion British pounds a year. Countrywide, British companies lose 125 million working days because of holiday planning every year.

Millennial workers are the “most guilty” when it comes to planning holidays at work. Almost three in four respondents (74%) say they do that every week. Baby boomers are less inclined to do so as only four in ten respondents (40%) search for holiday trips at work. Finally, 57% of Gen X workers do that. The survey has detected a very interesting trend – male workers are more likely to plan their holidays at work. 63% of male respondents and only 52% of female respondents check potential trips at work. Men also search longer than women – on average, men spend 33 minutes searching for holidays every week, while women usually spend 26 minutes.

Employees residing in London are the most distracted by potential holidays from work. The capital is followed by West Midlands. East Anglians residents dedicate the least time to vacation planning at work, only 21 minutes. Other nations also like to search for holidays at work. For example, 64% of Australians browse holiday planning websites at work and they dedicate twice more time to that every week – 57 minutes. Experts say that there is nothing strange in the fact that British people dedicate so much time to holiday planning. Hot weather makes it hard to concentrate on work and not to think about a potential vacation. Also, people get bombarded by beautiful vacation pictures in Instagram daily nowadays, and this also distracts them from work.


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