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Top Destinations for International Visitors in 2017 Revealed

News GlobalData, one of the leading analytics companies in the world, published the list of top 10 locations in the world for overseas visitors. This data shows quite an interesting fact – Asian cities heavily dominate in the list in terms of the number of arrivals. At the same time, the occupancy and hotel cost of the vast majority of Asian cities was still lower than at hotels in Europe and America in 2017.

The top 10 destinations list has seven cities from Asia, while the Middle East, America, and Europe are all represented only by 3 cities. The Asian cities present on the list are the following: Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shenzhen, and Kuala Lumpur. Europe, America, and the Middle East have each only one city present in the top 10 rank, namely, London, Dubai, and New York City.

Weaker currencies and, therefore, a more advantageous exchange rate, was one of the main reasons for an increased popularity among international tourists. This is true about all currencies except the Chinese Yuan. European and Chinese travelers are the reason for the growing international arrivals to the majority of Asian cities in the rank. That said, Bangkok hotels definitely flourish as the city again proves its status as the world’s #1 international tourist destination. The capital of Thailand has kept this position for three consecutive years already. Last year, 20.8 million international visitors arrived in the city. A friendly visa policy, low costs, and various promotions help Bangkok to remain the hottest destination.

Hotels in London usually have high occupancy, and there is nothing strange in that as the city is the second most preferred tourist destination in the world. As many as 20.4 million international tourists arrived in London in 2017. Ranks 3 to five are occupied by Singapore (17.42 million international tourists), Hong Kong (15.8 million), and Dubai (14.03 million).

Even though Asian cities definitely attract more visitors, hotels in these cities still have occupancy around 70%. That is lower than the average occupancy in Europe and America. There is a simple explanation to that fact. Hotel development has been extremely active in Asia in recent years, and new hotels appeared faster than the growth in the number of travelers, so many hotels became not fully occupied. Tokyo, Seoul, and Singapore were the only exceptions as numerous business travelers helped to keep the occupancy rate at 80% or higher.


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