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Halal Restaurant Opens in a Tokyo Hotel

News Fujita Kanko Inc., a leading hospitality company in Japan, announced the opening of a Halal Japanese restaurant in one of its hotels. Named Origami Asakusa, this restaurant is located in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Japanese capital. The opening ceremony will take place this month, on July 25th.

There is an important reason for the launch of such a restaurant. According to the information published by the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO), more and more Muslim tourists visit Japan. The rise has been exceptionally significant in recent years. This is particularly true about visitors from Malaysia and Indonesia. Within just one year, from 2016 to 2017, the number of visitors from these countries added solid 30%. When surveyed about their likes and interests, Muslim travelers say they would like to try Japanese food. However, there are yet not many restaurants that offer a Halal version of the Japanese cuisine.

The Japanese hotelier has expressed their delight with the growing number of Muslim guests and pointed out the importance of meeting the needs of all guests. Japanese food has gained international recognition, and, for local hospitality companies, it is important to make sure that everyone can enjoy authentic Japanese food. If the pilot project in Asakusa is successful, Fujita Kanko plans to offer Halal food in all hotels of the company across Japan.

Origami will feature traditional Japanese dishes cooked with halal ingredients. For example, wagyu, incredibly popular Japanese beef, is certified by the Japan Muslim Organization. At Origami, this beef is used to cook such popular dishes as nabe and shabushabu. All chefs at the new restaurant have been trained to cook halal food and are aware of all the rules. There are also dishes for vegetarian guests. The restaurant also has special facilities for Wudu and prayer rooms. There are also private rooms for groups of visitors that can accommodate up to eight guests.

It is not hard to find the new Halal restaurant in Tokyo. It takes approximately two minutes to reach Origami from Asakusa subway station. Such a prime location makes this restaurant a great choice for travelers as almost all international visitors explore Asakusa at least once for sightseeing purposes. The restaurant serves lunches and dinners, so it is not open early in the morning.


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