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Top 10 European Destinations of 2018 Revealed

News Lonely Planet has revealed its traditional list of the best places to visit in Europe this year. The popular ranking always includes interesting destinations and little-discovered places that tourists will enjoy exploring. The region of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, is the leader of this year’s ranking. The Spanish destination of Cantabria scored second.

The list of the best destinations by Lonely Planet always covers not only most exciting but also underrated destinations, so no wonder that it is so popular. This year, the website’s editors were particularly attracted by the theme of “over-tourism”. It is not a secret that Europe is a very popular travel destination, but the continent is not large in size, so popular tourist hotspots are always crowded. Therefore, this year it was decided to focus on “lesser-visited regions” and “hidden gems”.

Hotels in Friesland, the Netherlands, may soon experience higher bookings as this region scored third in the list of the best European destinations. Stunning nature, picturesque landscapes, and a lively capital city that is very interesting to explore are the main reasons why Friesland is in the top three. The tiny state of Kosovo ranked fourth. This destination is little-known to the majority of tourists, nevertheless, it is definitely worth a visit. Kosovo is a true paradise for fans of hiking and exploring wonders of nature. Landmarks of the Ottoman-era and developing culture are also among the reasons to visit Kosovo.

The last destination in the top five doesn’t really need any introduction. The French region of Provence is famous for its beauty, breath-taking views, olive grows, and fantastic lavender fields. The top sixth destination is finally a city. Dundee hotels might have their star moment this year. The fourth largest city in Scotland was never popular with travelers in the past, but soon the situation may change completely. The city’s urban redevelopment is a true breath of fresh air the city needed so much. Lonely Planet describes Dundee as an exciting place with dynamic spirit and also praises its landmarks and museums, many of which are of the country-level importance.

Greece is present in the rank with its city of Small Cyclades that occupies the 7th rank. Lithuania’s capital Vilnius is also present in the list on the eighth position. Vilnius, which has become more popular recently, is followed by two cities in Slovenia and Albania. Vipava Valley occupied the 9th place, and Tirana, Albania’s capital city, in the last European destination in the top 10 rank.


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