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Best Cities for Millennials: 2018 Results

News It is not a secret that millennials love to travel, and many of them would like to live in another city or even another country. A new large study might be helpful for these people as it throws the light on the top 110 cities that are more than suitable for this age group. The report covers many factors important for millennials, such as the ecosystem, immigration tolerance, affordability of rooms or apartments, quality of nightlife, and so on.

The new report was prepared by Nestpick – the company, actually, does that for the second year in a row. Such information is interesting not only for the hospitality industry but also for the economy in general as it is an easy way to see what cities may get the majority of millennials who are soon to become the core workforce in our society.

Without a doubt, housing remains one of the biggest concerns for millennials because many of them are young professionals yet at the start of their careers. The business ecosystem is important in order to provide jobs for this age group, and such factors as food and other essentials are the base that is very important for the overall satisfaction. These days, millennials have the opportunities that their parents could never think of. They are more active travelers, and budget airlines have made it possible to enjoy cheaper vacations and see the world. Moreover, these days it is possible to find work in different parts of the planet, so millennials are easier to leave their homeland and explore new cities or countries.

So, what are the best performing cities in 2018? Berlin hotels, especially long stay ones, might get more young visitors because this city scored first in the ranking. It had the highest ranking in the “recreation” section and scored well in the “openness” category. The second place is occupied by Montreal. The Canadian city got higher ranks in the “business ecosystem” and openness categories, but it is significantly behind in terms of recreation. London occupies the third place in the ranking with a lot lower result. It has great scores in business ecosystem and openness categories, but the rank in the “essentials” is incredibly low. Other top 10 cities for millennials are Amsterdam, Toronto, Vancouver, Barcelona, New York City, Cologne, and Manchester.

The survey also contains top cities in each of the categories. For example, travelers who seek business ecosystem might be interested in San Francisco, New York City, Kuala Lumpur, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, Beijing, London, Portland, and Austin. If essentials are more important for you, pay your attention to Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, Brno, Bucharest, Prague, Porto, Mexico City, Budapest, and Guadalajara.


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