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DIY Breakfasts at a Hotel Near Bath, England

News The Pig Hotel and Restaurant near Bath, the UK, offers an unusual experience for its guests. The hotel decided to turn breakfasts into an exciting pastime that will be sure not forgotten and offered guests to make their eggs themselves.

According to the Pig management, the idea to let guests cook their eggs in the morning was not spontaneous. Guests kept asking eggs cooked in the way they liked in the past, so the hotel decided to let visitors choose it. Currently, nearly 80% of visitors prefer to boil eggs themselves. There is a hen house approximately a hundred yards away from the hotel, where 45 hens are fed organically and are in a run in a carefully protected area. Every morning, fresh, brown to white-shelled eggs are delivered to the hotel, just in time for the breakfast.

The mechanism of boiling eggs is the following. A bath of boiling water can hold up to eight cups. Each guest selects eggs they like, put them in a cup, and then turns one of the sand-filled timers. These timers are set to a different time that ranges from three to five minutes. When the sand has gone, the eggs are ready and have the right boiling time for every guest.

The Pig offers several types of breakfasts for its guests. The Breakfast Table is a buffet type breakfast that contains the “boil-your-own” eggs mentioned above. It is available for £10. The hotel also offers full American breakfast for £15 that also contains pancakes and a number of extra snacks. The cheapest choice, which costs just £8, consists of a beverage and a croissant, or a hot beverage plus filled baguette. The hotelier mentions that vast majority of guests choose the Breakfast Table. Besides eggs, it contains full-fat yogurt, fresh and stewed fruit, various cereals, juiced, breads and toasting stations, and other healthy meals. There is also a gluten-free table.

The Pig Near Bath is a 150-year-old mansion converted into a 29-room hotel. Surrounded by 71 acres of pastures, this peaceful place has become increasingly popular with travelers. The Pig is, actually, a chain of hotels and the hotel near Bath is the fifth property in the portfolio. All of them have the same owner – Home Grown Hotels. The first hotel near Brockenhurst appeared yet in 2011. The hotelier wanted to make their properties more comfortable and increase guest engagement, and boiling eggs is one of ways to achieve it.


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