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Emerging Destinations in Romania Attract More Visitors

News Many countries from the former Communist bloc find it hard to keep up with the rest of Europe in terms of tourism and attractiveness for modern travelers. That is one of the reasons why not many Western tourists are aware of Romania and its hidden gems. However, the situation changes slowly, and many destinations become increasingly popular with tourists who want to explore new places and enjoy new experiences.

Romania, the country in the eastern part of the European Union is one of these destinations. Hotels in this country become increasingly popular, and not only Bucharest hotels greet new visitors. There are more great cities to explore, such as Oradea. This city in the Western part of Romania is a prominent regional center with the history of more than 1,000 years. It’s a true treasure for all fans of architectural landmarks. Moreover, the city’s medieval fortress has been recently opened after a long renovation. Many old buildings that stood in devastating condition for years have been brought to their former glory.

Many hotels in Oradea offer various rejuvenating treatments for guests as this place is also famous for its thermal springs. Finally, the city is available not only to tourists from the continent who come for a short-term break. Oradea airport has got its international status back, so now it receives many foreign visitors. As there are many low-cost airline routes and charter flights to Oradea, the vacation there can also be an inexpensive one.

Fans of skiing, as well as everyone interested in untouched nature, will like Brasov. It’s a popular resort near the edge of Transylvania that is famous for its spectacular mountains, beautiful forests, and many opportunities for hiking. Brasov hotels are attractive and mostly offer quality service. The city itself is interesting to explore as it has many landmarks such as the first school in Romania, an ancient fortress, the Bran castle in the suburbs, and several museums. As this city’s airport is not open yet, it is currently possible to reach Brasov by bus or train.

The last but not the least, Sibiu is another popular destination in Transylvania. It’s a place with a rich history – Sibiu was founded by German settlers before the 14th century. At that time, it was an important center of trade. This city is suitable for fans of exploring historical places, as well as for fans of winter sports – the Fagaras Mountains are perfect for skiing, hiking, and various winter sports. Several years ago, a modern international airport appeared in the city. Currently, it receives flights from the UK, Germany, Austria, and Spain, but the geography of flights is expanding. There are also a railway station and bus stations.


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