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Boutique Hotels Trends 2018

News While world leading hospitality companies compete in terms of the number of hotels and offer quality but standardized services, boutique hotels are a wonderful way to experience personalized approach. As a rule, boutique hotels are smaller, they offer signature in-room services and special dining for visitors. Luxurious hotels of this type are young in spirit, artistic, and have a prime location in the heart of a city. Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) together with Trendwatching prepared a report that illustrates the main trends that will shape boutique hotels in 2018. To prepare the report, the companies analyzed more than 500 boutique hotels in different parts of the world.

Customization is the first trend underlined by SLH. Hotels guests want rooms to fit their habits and preferences. In the hyper-competitive Experience Economy, hotels will need to offer more customization options in order to become successful. For example, 700,000 wandering hotel in Morocco changes its location each year and offers guests to choose it. Magna Pars hotel in Milan offers a selection of perfumes that guests can select for their rooms. All the perfumes are delivered from an old factory. The View Lugano hotel in Switzerland has gone even further. They offer guests to select the color of their toilet paper, brands of linens and amenities, and many extra services such as bag unpacking.

Spirituality is the second 2018 trend. These days, hotel guests seek one-of-a-kind moments and experiences. Hotels can help guests to achieve peace of mind through various wellness offerings. Ancient massage techniques involving power spots, night-time spa treatments, deep tissue massages, immersive nature experiences – boutique hotels are really creative in offering something new to their guests. Some hotels offer the so-called “digital detox” to their visitors – guests are offered to put aside their smartphones and tablets, and enjoy some bedtime poems or visit the library to get a classic novel. Rockliffe Hall hotel in the UK, for example, will even open a parkland inspired by works of Lewis Carroll.

Quality sleep is another important trend. Hotels will put effort into providing their guests with the best sleeping experience. A choice of pillows, comfy beds, special linens that eliminate bacteria – guests should expect all these and more. 137 Pillars House hotel in Chiang Mai even has a Sleep Curator that helps guests to achieve optimal sleep.

Of course, dining is also not forgotten. Food is an ultimate area where smaller boutique hotels can understand preferences of each guest and provide them with the meal they need. Some hotels offer various dining rituals and flexible menus. Some, like the UK’s Foxhill Manor, have gone even further and offer guests to order whatever they want to eat whenever they want.


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