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Qatar May House Football Fans in Tents During World Cup

News Qatar will host 2022 World Cup, but the country is delaying building projects for the event due to lower oil prices. As result, Qatar may offer thousands of football fans to settle Bedouin style in tents in desert close to stadiums during the World Cup. The country expects 500,000 visitors during the event. In the past, Qatar promised to build 55,000 guestrooms, but now the country officials say only 46,000 guestrooms will be ready. That is less than the requirement of FIFA for 60,000 guestrooms. In order to cover the missing rooms, organizers plan to offer tents as authentic way of rest.

Ever since the winning bid in 2010, Qatar has invested tens of billions of dollars into infrastructure of the country. Numerous hotels and apartment complexes are already ready, but some ambitious projects are currently put on hold. Among these projects are an underwater tunnel across Doha bay and a bridge with the total cost of US$12 billion, as well as several hotels in the capital.

Desert camping is a traditional way of relaxation for Qatari. During winter season, thousands of locals stay in luxury tent camps among the sand dunes. These camps could provide shelter for football fans who arrive to see World Cup matches. The camps might also be used as special fan zones, where conservative Muslim Qatar will allow consumption of alcohol. Currently, public drinking alcohol is prohibited in the country, and alcohol can only be purchased in limited quantities at hotels.

Qatar is looking for other ways of accommodating football fans, such as private letting services or offering space in cruise ships docked nearby. Visitors may also choose to stay in neighbor UAE and Bahrain, and fly to watch football matches as the two countries have a developed hotel infrastructure and no alcohol ban.


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