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Shorter Travels to Become More Popular in 2014

News Cox & Kings, a company specializing in luxury travel, forecasts that next year travellers will make mostly shorter trips and will prefer more exotic destinations.

The number of travellers who prefer unusual places for rest is growing every year. These days, people search more for “you only leave once” experience. Moreover, modern travellers want to visit places they have never been before and explore foreign cultures.

Therefore, Cox & Kings came up with a list of most popular travel trends in 2014. In their opinion, “short term high yield” travels will become very popular. Nowadays, absence of time is the only obstacle for many people. Many travellers also want to make tighter schedules and visit some extra destination for a short time in addition to the main one. This can be a quick stay in another country on the same continent, or a couple of days on the beach after main sightseeing holiday. The key here is that travellers do not need to make long-distance flights to get to the second destination. For example, for American travellers this can be visiting Iceland on their way back from Europe or The Seychelles while returning home from Africa. American travellers will also enjoy their European vacations, but this time many travellers will prefer not such traditional destinations as France, Spain or Italy, but will mostly go for countries like Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Albania, and Macedonia.

Africa has become a hot destination for fans of exotic travel for quite a long time, but many travellers do not feel the real atmosphere of this place when they stay in comfortable modern hotels. Therefore, tented travel in the country is becoming more popular. When visiting some place, travellers want to participate in some events and learn more about local culture, so festival travel is another popular trend for 2014. Finally, the last travel trend for 2014 concerns food and wine tasting. There is a growing group of travellers who enjoy exploring new destinations by attending local markets and restaurants, and enjoying local food.


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