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Top Hotel Dining 2012 Trends

News Benchmark Hospitality International has published the list of top dining trends for this year. The list was prepared by executive chefs and culinary experts and based on 35 luxurious properties of the company.

According to the hotelier, the most important dining trend for 2012 is truth and clarity. Today customers become more conscious of what they eat. This concerns not only ingredients used in dishes, but also their nature. For example, earlier such words as natural, organic, artisan, or farm-to-table were used only by chefs. Today they are popular and widely used by ordinary consumers.

Smart cooking is the next trend. Cooking becomes less targeted at creating beautiful compositions on gorgeous plates and more about the chemistry and the process of cooking. Modern chefs do not just try to cook food according to recipes, they are more into understanding what happens during cooking and use this knowledge to make food smell and taste great. Chemical transformations that occur during cooking are also important to preserve most of vitamins and other healthy ingredients.

Involvement into the process of cooking becomes also more popular. Guests want not only eat wonderful meat, but also be entertained and informed. Therefore, many of them enjoy participating in the process. This means not only looking how chefs cook. Some hotels already offer tours to chef’s garden with herbs, selecting ingredients for cocktails, sampling cheese menu and so on.

The latest trend mentioned by Benchmark Hospitality concerns gluten-free food. Recipes that do not include gluten become more popular. There are many North African and Asian dishes that are now served without gluten, but that have retained their richness of taste and flavour. Many hotels start offering gluten-free pastries, whole-wheat pizzas and other dishes free of gluten.


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