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Travelling Trends for 2012 Summer Vacation

News Global economic uncertainty makes tourists more likely to find budget trips for summer vacation. Such information was released in the latest study conducted by Wyndham Hotel Group. In order to understand habits and preferences of its guests better, the hotelier made a large-scale study that covered more than 5,600 adult visitors of Wyndham Hotels. The hotels in China,the US, the UK, Brazil and Canada participated in the study.

Approximately 70% of respondents say this year they will spend the same amount of money or more for their summer vacation. 35% plan to spend even more than in 2011. What’s interesting, the majority of people who plan to spend more are Chinese tourists. At the same time US tourists want to spend the same money, but get a longer vacation for it.

Travelling is not only about the cost of accommodation and implies other expenses. 42% of Chinese, 37% of the US, and 36% of Canadians plan to spend the largest part of their budget on excursions and education. The UK travellers are interested in dining (37%), and 40% of Brazilians say they will mostly spend their money on shopping.

The most important hotel extras for travellers are the hotel’s location (US travellers, 35%), service and breakfast (Brazil travellers, 40%), and spa facilities (Chinese travellers, 45%).

Travellers, who plan to cut their expenses, say they are likely to save on night out and drinking with friends. Another way to spend less is to use the benefits of hotel loyalty programs. As many as 62% of participants say loyalty programs have a significant impact on the choice of hotels. Loyalty programs become very popular these days – in China 50% of travellers belong to at least one loyalty program. In the US this figure reaches 40%.

While selecting the type of accommodation, 45% of participants say they will pick up a midscale accommodation. Among respondents who travel 4 times and more a year, 39% are likely to choose upscale accommodations, while 28% of people who travel once a year and less will go for a budget hotel.


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