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Rooms in London Hotels for Olympics are Overbooked

News This summer Olympic Games will take place in the capital of the United Kingdom. While the city prepares for this prominent event, London hoteliers become less optimistic for their revenues during the games. Now it is revealed that Olympics organizers say they have overbooked around 120,000 places. Initially these places were intended for sponsors, media, and workers, but, as it seems, they are in no need anymore.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Palalympic Games (also known as Locog) has already approved the rumor. Around 20% of the booked hotel rooms will be not needed and, thus, the booking will be cancelled, so hotels can offer these guestrooms to other clients. The company has made a deal with London hotels that it will book approximately 40,000 guestrooms for the period of the Olympics. Over 600,000 room nights were booked in total. Also, the deal indicated that all not needed rooms will be returned to hoteliers so they can sell them. However, no one expected the number of unwanted rooms to be this big. Locog will free rooms in more than 200 hotels in London. The hotels belong to different segments, from budget accommodations to 5-star hotels.

Commenting this step, the chief executive of Locog Paul Deighton said the company agreed to book the rooms for a limited amount of time and return the not needed rooms in the beginning of 2012. They hope hotels still have plenty of time till summer to sell these rooms. This may also be a sparkling opportunity for overseas travellers to book rooms on competitive rates and enjoy a trip to London to watch the summer Olympics.

So now it may be the best time to book a hotel in London if you want to see the games with your own eyes. You may also choose to review your existing booking and change it – the rates have risen very fast and so many travellers have had to book rooms in London’s suburbs. Now these people have a chance to stay in the capital.


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