Travel guide over Guatemala sights

Excursions to Lanquin Caves are popular among fans of walk tours. Hundreds of years ago these caves were also a sacred place for the Mayan people. At present, the cave area, which is about 400 meters in length, is open to visitors. Hundreds of years ago, the Maya conducted important rituals here, some of which can be seen even now. In the caves there is a river, on which you can ride on a boat during the excursion. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Guatemala

Connoisseurs of meat delicacies must try "Escabeche" - super tender chicken meat cooked in a pot with herbs. A special treat is "Fajitas" that can be cooked from poultry meat or fish fillet. Slices of meat and fish are pre-fried and then baked in clay pots with vegetables. Gourmets will certainly like "Tamale" prepared according to local chefs' own original recipes. It is a mixture of vegetables, meat or fish slices baked in banana leaves. Before serving, the dish is spectacularly decorated with fruits and vegetables to become a real decoration of the festive table. … Further

Stylish hotels of Guatemala

Hotel Biltmore was decorated taking into account the most prominent fashion trends. This hotel is located near La Aurora Airport. Its rooms feature elegant carpet flooring, and all rooms are decorated with luxurious furniture in pastel shades. Some rooms are characterized by full-size panoramic windows that overlook the busy city streets. Public areas are also not devoid of original design solutions; standard chandeliers are replaced by a built-in lighting system, and a chic marble and tile finish gives the interior an aristocratic touch. … Further

Review on top hotels of Guatemala

More than 200 exquisite rooms and a wide range of wellness services are available to clients by the fashionable Grand Tikal Futura Hotel. It occupies the same building as a theater and a large conference center, as well as one of the best spas in the city. One of the main features of the hotel is a picturesque patio with a beautiful pool and an abundance of exotic plants. The hotel is ready to offer its wealthy guests a decent selection of luxury rooms with a designer interior and built-in lighting system. … Further
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