Travel guide over Chengdu sights

Sanxingdui is a no less interesting place. According to scientists, first tombs in this area appeared more than 5,000 years ago. Archaeologists also managed to discover precious ancient artifacts that are now exhibited in the local museum of archaeology. It is possible to reach all signature landmarks of the region, which are located outside Chengdu, by special excursion buses that depart from the railway station every day. Chengdu suburbs are also the location of numerous walking trails that cover interesting natural and historical landmarks. … Further

Most fashionable hotels in Chengdu

As for original designer hotels, Ascott Raffles City Chengdu deserves a priority attention. It is located within easy reach from the lively Jinli Street. The hotel occupies several magnificent high buildings of an original shape. The interior of its rooms is designed in minimalist style. Common areas are decorated in urban style. It also should be noted that Ascott Raffles City Chengdu offers a wide range of services to business guests. They can take advantage of fully equipped conference halls. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Chengdu

Initially, hot pot was a very simple dish. It was cooked the most often by refugees to keep warm in cold weather. Today, a steaming pot is in the middle of the table. All participants of the meal add their favorite foods to it. This dish has become an everyday treat. In addition, lamb, fish, many vegetables, and mushrooms can be added in hot-pot. So this dish will definitely appeal to everyone. Be sure to taste bean curd with minced meat and chili oil. It is also called Mapo Doufu. This is a very popular Chinese dish. It originated in Chengdu. Mapo Doufu is served hot and very soft. It is poured with spicy hot sauce with pepper and usually mixed with minced meat. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

One of the most unusual and most amazing attractions is Du Fu Cottage. The great Chinese poet had lived in Chengdu for a significant part of his life. The poet’s house is a small hut with a thatched roof that has miraculously survived to this day. At present, the hut is a location of a small museum dedicated to poet’s life and work. Here you can see an interesting collection of old books and papers. Of particular interest is a forest near the hut with more than 25 types of fruit trees and a variety of lovely flowers. … Further

Attractions and nightlife of Chengdu

The Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, a unique natural reserve, is very popular with nature admirers. For animals, there are fantastic conditions that are close to the natural habitat as much as possible. Besides giant pandas, the population of whose is endangered and at risk of extinction, a lot of other rare animals inhabit in the reserve. Here, you can see rare white storks and red pandas and visit the interesting museum dedicated to representatives of local fauna. … Further
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