Travel guide over Casablanca sights

An interesting place for evening walks will be the square of Mohammed V. It is located in the heart of the economic region of Casablanca. Around this square are beautiful modern buildings, in which various public and commercial organizations are located. In the immediate vicinity of the square is an elegant garden, fully equipped for a comfortable stay, and also an embankment. Many experienced tourists come to the square in the evening to admire the musical fountain with the onset of darkness. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Casablanca

There are true delicacies among national dishes, but some of them may seem quite exotic to European travellers. Pastilla is one of these dishes. This is an obligatory dish for all important events. The main ingredients of the dish are pigeon meat, almonds and boiled pigeon eggs. Ready stuffing is shifted with layers of dough and then baked. Once ready, the dish is sprinkled with powdered sugar. It is believed that the more important a holiday or an event is, the more layers of filling and dough should be put in the dish. We should also not forget to mention such popular dishes as tagine and couscous. They are very widespread in European countries as well. According to a local tradition, these dishes must be served while they are hot. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

Hassan II Mosque is located on a high hill not far away from the coastline. This is the most important religious object of Casablanca. The height of the minaret of the mosque is 200 meters. It is considered the highest one in the world and can be seen from any part of the city. The construction of the beautiful mosque was completed quite recently, in 1993. The prayer hall of the mosque can accommodate up to 25,000 visitors at a time. The mosque is distinguished by luxurious interior decoration. It’s really hard to find such a rich choice of ornaments and unique decorative elements in any other mosque. … Further

Attractions and nightlife of Casablanca

Fans of nightlife fans should definitely spend a night at Complexe le Village Club, which is considered the most popular one in the city. Every evening a pleasant surprise waits for visitors - a special music program, an interesting party or a performance of popular DJs. Complexe le Village Club offers music of various directions. In terms of the choice of interesting entertainment programs the club remains the confident leader among other nightlife facilities of Casablanca. … Further
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