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Road Rules and Traffic Regulations in USA - Driving Nuances

1. Any traffic violation will result in quite large fines. Speeding is considered one of the most serious violations. A slightly higher speed (approximately 5 - 10 miles above the limit) is likely to remain unnoticed, as the radars of local police are usually set to +11.
2. Drivers should be particularly careful when they drive on long descents – there is often a police patrol at the end. Experienced drivers often follow a fast moving car as that is a small guarantee that the police will stop that car for the violation of traffic rules, and the next car behind it will not be noticed by the police.
3. Drivers should keep in mind that they cannot leave a car in the parking lot, designed for disabled people. These parking spaces are always marked with a special sign. The fine for this violation is about 250 USD.
4. It is also prohibited to leave a car on either side of highways. In this case, the police patrol will also issue a large fine and will always call a tow truck, the services of which will also be paid by violators.
5. Fans of fast driving are recommended not to forget to look at the rear-view mirror. Local police likes following traffic rules violators. They drive behind in order to make a video record of a violation and measure the speed with radar. In true, it’s not easy to notice a patrol in such a situation as the police don’t use light beacons and acoustic signals.
6. All the major roads of Utah and Arizona are equipped with special informative signs that specify road numbers. In order not to get lost on the local roads, drivers are recommended to get a car GPS-navigator or at least purchase a map of the state (this can be done at any gas station).
7. During the movement all passengers in the vehicle must fasten seat belts. In some states, large traffic signs notify drivers of this rule, but the absence of these signs does not mean that the seat belts rule can be neglected.

Nuances of Car Rental in USA

To save on your rental, we advise to book your car in advance. You will save the most if you do this several weeks or even several months prior to your trip. Rental offices in USA usually raise rental prices over time, based on the number of cars left available for the accounting period.

When looking for an exotic car (cabriolet, minivan or limousine), we advise to check in the rental offices located at airports, as they usually provide much wider choice comparing to offices in urban areas.

Upon receipt of invoices, bills and documents for your car at the rental location, please compare the obtained data with your voucher. Quite often, employees of rental offices in USA try to add optional charges or services without informing customers.

It is very important to pick up your car at the rental office in USA in a correct way. Prior to leaving the office, carefully inspect the car for various defects, and ensure that all the discovered defects are mentioned in your rental documents. In case of a non-compliance found, place a demand for correction to the rental officer.

You can always check our car actual rental offers in USA. Simply use the search form at the top of the page. We guarantee that you will not find better prices anywhere else!
8. According to local traffic regulations, vehicles must stop for a moment at pedestrian crossings. Local drivers also have much respect for cyclists.
9. In general, traveling by car in the country is quite comfortable and calm. It’s really difficult to get lost on local highways, and drivers always treat each other with respect. However, drivers are recommended to be careful in California - local motorists are considered quite aggressive.
10. One may notice special «exit» signs on highways. As a rule, these signs indicate a number of an exit. This means that there will be a gas station after a few miles. As a rule, local gas stations accept payments by credit cards and in cash. If you chose the latter, you can expect a small discount.
11. Local gas stations are distinguished by a very calm and measured atmosphere. If a fuel filling column is equipped with one fuel dispenser only, it is necessary to insert it in the tank and press the button with the right kind of fuel. Then you will need to go to the cashier – gas stations work on a prepaid basis.
12. There are heavy traffic jams in all major cities of the country in the daytime. The traffic is particularly difficult in the morning and evening, so if you have an important meeting you should go in advance.
13. Most of the roads in the country are paid. Moreover, fees are often charged for entering bridges. When starting an auto trip, make sure you have enough money and do not forget to take into account that each state has its own specific rules and different rates.
14. The choice of a parking space should be made with a special care and attention. It is prohibited to park a car next to «No parking» signs, as well as on sidewalks, bridges, intersections, roadway, pedestrian crossings, and in tunnels.
15. According to the statistics, the most aggressive drivers live in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Boston, Phoenix and Chicago. They are more likely to violate traffic rules, speak over the cell phone while driving, and they have never been courteous to other motorists. Therefore, it is recommended to be especially careful on the roads of these cities.
16. When preparing for a car travel, drivers should not forget to bring a proof of identity (passport), a driving license of the international standard, a car insurance and Title (a proof of the car ownership). There must also be a number with a special sticker that confirms the payment of the tax at the rear of the car.
17. Local drivers rarely attach a vehicle number on the front side of a car. It is more common to see original labels with text greetings, names of pets and other funny signs there. Motorists of each state have their own motto, which can also be seen on the front sign instead of a number.
18. Drivers, who do not violate traffic rules and do not behave defiantly on the roads of the country, should definitely not be afraid of any punishments. If a serious violation of the traffic rules has happened, you need to respond calmly to requests of the local police, stop your car and stay inside the car.
19. Do not get out of the car as such actions can be considered as an attempt to escape. It is recommended to wait for a police officer, greet him politely and answer all the questions calmly. If he asks you to get out of the car, this must be done without any fast movements. Do not even try to give a bribe to the police! This will be considered as a serious crime.
20. Parking is paid at the exit. This procedure is carried out automatically. The specific value of the service depends on parking rates and the actual time of use of the parking.
21. If there are no cars at an intersection, you can turn to the right even if the traffic light shows red. The only exceptions are intersections that have the special «no right turn on red» sign, as well as intersections equipped with traffic lights with an additional arrow.
22. The local police never stop drivers for no reason or in order to "verify the documents." If you were told to stop, this means you have violated one of the rules. In this case you need to wait patiently until a police officer issues a fine (the procedure takes very little time.)
23. The local road signs are very easy to understand. Almost all of them have an accompanying description that fully reflects the meaning of the sign. Thus, a speed limit sign can have an inscription “SPEED LIMIT 50”, and a sign with the requirement to stop will surely contain the “STOP” inscription.
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