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Road Rules and Traffic Regulations in Israel - Driving Nuances

1. In Israel, drivers are required to have the following documents – passport, the driving license, the permission to drive the vehicle and all insurance certificates available. The absence of any of these documents can lead to unpleasant consequences both in case of an accident and in case of a police document check.
2. In the city, drivers must remember the speed limit - 50 km/h, and on country roads the maximum permitted speed is 90 km/h. There are high speed highways and parts of roads in Israel. The speed limit on such roads is usually 100 km/h. Drivers will be certainly informed about the speed limit on a particular road by means of road signs.
3. Speeding fines are usually heavy in Israel, and driving license suspension is a widespread additional punishment. Drivers should also remember that on local roads there is a very strict rule about the distance between cars. The optimal distance between vehicles is 2 - 3 meters.

Nuances of Car Rental in Israel

To save on your rental, we advise to book your car in advance. You will save the most if you do this several weeks or even several months prior to your trip. Rental offices in Israel usually raise rental prices over time, based on the number of cars left available for the accounting period.

When looking for an exotic car (cabriolet, minivan or limousine), we advise to check in the rental offices located at airports, as they usually provide much wider choice comparing to offices in urban areas.

Upon receipt of invoices, bills and documents for your car at the rental location, please compare the obtained data with your voucher. Quite often, employees of rental offices in Israel try to add optional charges or services without informing customers.

It is very important to pick up your car at the rental office in Israel in a correct way. Prior to leaving the office, carefully inspect the car for various defects, and ensure that all the discovered defects are mentioned in your rental documents. In case of a non-compliance found, place a demand for correction to the rental officer.

You can always check our car actual rental offers in Israel. Simply use the search form at the top of the page. We guarantee that you will not find better prices anywhere else!
4. Local drivers usually treat pedestrians with great care and respect. When approaching a crossroads, drivers should not forget to slow down. Pedestrians have the advantage on unregulated crossroads, so make sure you stop and wait patiently till the road is free again.
5. Virtually all crossroads are equipped with special cameras that clearly record all violations. There are many cameras and radars on highways and near traffic lights, so drivers shouldn’t hope that their traffic violations will remain unnoticed.
6. In Israel, large monetary penalties are imposed to drivers who throw trash out of the car on the go. Foreign visitors should be particularly attentive here, especially drivers who enjoy smoking while driving.
7. There is one more rule that may seem quite unusual for foreign drivers. While driving, you need to hold the steering wheel with both hands. If you drive with one hand on the wheel, you can get a fine for that.
8. Therefore, it is possible to talk on a cell phone while driving only if your car is equipped with a special hands free device. The abovementioned rule also concerns drivers who enjoy smoking in the car.
9. When driving, make sure your seat belt is fastened. The same rule concerns passengers as well, regardless of the fact whether they seat in the back or in the front seat of the car.
10. Children under 4 years old can be transported in a vehicle only in a special seat that fully corresponds with the weight and height of the child. The seat can be installed only on the back seat of the car. Children under 14 years cannot be transported in the front seat. Foreign drivers are not recommended to neglect these rules in Israel.
11. The lack of parking places in cities is one of the biggest problems that drivers may encounter in the country. Experienced drivers usually advise not to try to find a place to park in the city center. It is easier to park a car in a suburban area and then get to the downtown by public transport. Local municipal authorities pay much attention to parking, so improperly parked cars are immediately sent to the penalty parking.
12. When searching for a place to park, you should pay attention to the road and pavement markings. If the curb along the road is painted in red, then parking the car in this place is prohibited. If there is a broken blue line on the curb, then parking is permitted.
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