Travel guide over Amsterdam sights

The Royal Palace. The Royal Palace and Dam Square, which is adjacent to it, are situated right in the centre of the city. They have the full right to be called the heart of Amsterdam. The internationally famous Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum is located nearby. Once The Royal Palace used to be a city hall, and it was not until Napoleon helped his brother Louie to occupy the Dutch throne then it was turned into The Royal Palace. Nowadays, everybody has an opportunity to enter the palace and enjoy the look of its inner premises, and make a walk along its corridors. Of course, all excursions are made only when the palace is not used by the royal family. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Amsterdam

Is Italian cuisine your choice? Then you should certainly the restaurant named Fifteen Amsterdam as the best Italian cuisine in Amsterdam can be tasted in this place. The restaurant also serves Mediterranean specialties. The Pancake Bakery restaurant is the best pastry of the city. The choice of dishes is really wide - you can try more than fifteen types of pancakes standalone. If your aim is to try national cuisine, Moeders Pot should be definitely your choice. This restaurant serves homemade Dutch dishes: farm salad, stamppot and stew. However, this doesn’t mean that food connoisseurs have nothing to do here. The choice of gourmet meal is also wide and visitors will be offered to try Moroccan lamb, soup with lobster, other seafood delicacies, and much more. The variety of food options is so wide in Amsterdam that is becomes a problem to make a choice. However, no matter what restaurant you choose, you are most likely to find great service and delicious food. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

Dam Square is the location of the famous historical monument - National Monument (Nationaal Monument). It was opened in 1956 in the memory of victims of World War II. Every year on May 4 a solemn wreath-laying ceremony takes place at the memorial. You will find much pleasure simply in making a usual walk through the city’s streets as you will find many interesting museums and galleries there. Some of the local cultural institutions are truly unusual, for example, Museum of Hashish and Marijuana. This is the only institution of this kind in the world. Museum of Tattoos was opened in 1995. It has also quickly gained popularity among holidaymakers. During the excursion visitors will see numerous interesting decorations and ornaments from ancient times till the present. The museum has an interesting thematic literature. It is visited by more than twenty thousand people each year. … Further

Attractions and nightlife of Amsterdam

Paradiso Club, which is located near the city’s center, is very popular among both tourists and residents. In this club you will find music of different styles. Besides excellent musical accompaniment this club attracts visitors by its richest choice of drinks. Melkweg Club never ceases to delight visitors by its interesting entertainment programs. Here you will be able to attend theme parties, vivid theatrical plays, and performances by musical groups, as well as various presentations. Sugar Factory Club is a place with a really mysterious atmosphere. The club has become a permanent place for performances of popular musicians and theater groups. … Further

Traditions and mentality of locals

As it has been mentioned already, the locals show much respect and care for the environment, so visitors of the city will also need to show respect and in no way disturb the natural harmony of this place. The local people are very hospitable and are always ready to help. Probably, this is one of the reasons why Amsterdam remains a popular tourist destination for so many years. Tulip remains one of the most famous symbols of the Netherlands. Each April the grand opening of Keukenhof Park is held in Amsterdam. This is one of most beloved and anticipated national holidays of the country. Every year several millions of tulip bulbs are planted in this beautiful park, so in spring Keukenhof is painted in all colors of a rainbow. The period starting from April and up to May is the time for colorful fair trades dedicated to flowers. Late summer is the time for a large sale of tulip bulbs, which attracts florists from all countries of the world. … Further
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