Travel guide over Prague sights

Trojský zámek.
Trojský zámek was built in the XVII century for Count Wenceslas Sternberg. The count wanted to make a beautiful castle that would impress the Habsburgs. The main stairs near the exit to the French garden, adorned with statues of Olympian gods and other baroque figures are considered the most beautiful sights of the castle. The interior of the castle is distinguished by lush décor. This is particularly true about the main hall of the building that is decorated by portraits of the Habsburg dynasty from top to the very bottom. The Prague Castle is considered the branch of the Prague State Museum. It exhibits a large collection of glass items in the baroque style and paintings of Czech painters of the XIX century. Trojsky Botanical Gardens and the Prague Zoo are located a bit further. … Further

Extraordinary places and attractions in Prague

If you want to bring some vintage treasures from your vacation in Prague, head to Kolbenova. This is an incredibly authentic and amazing flea market. Don’t worry if it looks like a scrap yard or waste paper storage at a glance. Don’t hurry up to leave this wonderful place and better look behind the piles of old newspapers and metal items of unknown use instead. You may find unique paintings, priceless old tableware or an old edition of the book you were searching for ages. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Prague

The historical part of Prague is the location of the famous U Basnika panve restaurant, which halls are decorated in accordance with best traditions of the past. Here guests can order all best and most famous dishes of national cuisine in their classic version. Don’t forget to pay some attention to local bars as besides best sorts of beer you can try various interesting dishes and snacks here. Baráčnická rychta is a popular bar, which interior is decorated in unusual Gothic style. The bar often hosts performances of rock bands, so this place is liked not only by fans of quality beer, but also by music lovers. Bar Bob’s is a classic Czech beer house. During summer the tables of the facility are located on the terrace, from which you can enjoy panoramic views of the coast. … Further

Stylish hotels of Prague

Buddha-Bar Hotel Prague stands out in the list of designer hotels in Prague. There’s something exceptional about this hotel – it was the first Buddha-Bar hotel in the world. At Buddha-Bar Hotel Prague, travelers will find elegant rooms in the oriental style and themed decorations. Tall floor lamps in Asian style, magnificent chandeliers, and images of dragons on the walls, traditional Buddha statues and antique furniture with leather upholstery – such a splendid design is hidden in one of the ancient buildings in Prague. The luxurious hotel has its own spa, the design of which is in line with the overall theme of the hotel. … Further

Review on top hotels of Prague

The Emblem is also capable of surprising upscale travelers. For US$1,000 a day, guests can book one of the luxurious suites of the hotel. The suites are made in the modern designer style with dominating silver, lilac, and coffee shades. Each room is unique in its own way. Some have a spacious wooden terrace with the view of the city, and in some suites, there is a magnificent open space bathroom with décor elements made of rare types of marble. Moreover, some suites have a private library and, of course, all of them come with modern, up-to-date electronics. Besides standard everyday use electronics, some rooms have tablet PCs. … Further
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