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Culture of Magdeburg. Places to visit - old town, temples, theaters, museums and palaces

Johanniskirche Magdeburg The first reference of Magdeburg dates back to the 805. The great many of significant events embodied in the city landmarks and sights took place in the 12 centuries of the city history. The buzz and vivacity peculiar to all the large cities do not take from the cultural merit of the city. Curious travelers will love Magdeburg.
The most popular children’s landmark in Magdeburg is Zoologischer Garten. This zoo is well-known for its beautiful decoration. It has plenty of greenery and equipped places for … Open
The Magdeburger Dom is the peculiar symbol of the past age. Its construction began in the middle of the 10th century. It is the first Gothic building in the country. The Dom has always featured luxury decoration of its halls and plenty of valuable relics. In 1207 the major part of the building was destroyed by fire. The architects managed in the shortest terms to totally renovate the building.
The Church of Saint Mary or the Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen is a magnificent architectural landmark of the city. It was established at the dawn of the 11th century. Nowadays the upscale ancient church houses the museum of Modern Art. Its halls keep the impressive collection of sculptures and paintings among which one will find the artworks as of medieval so of contemporary artists. The city center hosts the market square, which is decorated with the majestic sculpture of Magdeburg equestrian Magdeburger Reiter. Copyright
Magdeburg features a vast choice of restaurants, bars, pubs and cozy coffee houses. The Landhaus Hadrys restaurant is an attractive gastronomy establishment serving ethnic cuisine. There one … Open
This magnificent sculpture is an exact copy of the monument established in 1240 and commemorated to the Emperor Otto I. To see the original monument one should visit the culture historical museum Kulturhistorisches Museum. The ancient town hall Altes Rathaus is placed near the market square. Its construction was held at the edge of the 12th – 13th centuries. In the course of the long history the building was time and again destroyed. The last reconstruction of the town hall was held in 1965.
Dom zu Magdeburg Among the present day samples of architecture the Millennium Tower Jahrtausendturm is worth noticing. It is located on the territory of the beautiful parkland. The original conic construction of unique architectural shape looks rather impressive on the background of green lands and flowerbeds. Among the religious sights of Magdeburg the Saint John Church Johanniskirche built at the beginning of the 12th century is most worth attention.
Magdeburg is famous for its amazing historical traditions and holidays. Here, interesting symbols of national culture can be seen at every step. One of the most famous natives of the city is … Open
The outstanding Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser left a deep architectural mark not only in Vienna and New Zealand where you can find most of his creations - Magdeburg also has one of his most magnificent buildings. This is about the Green Citadel (Hundertwassers Grüne Zitadelle von Magdeburg), which is notable for being built after the death of the "Biotech Guru", in 2005. Hundertwasser began working on the project in 1999, but his sudden passing away in 2000 prevented him from starting the construction. Like any other creation of the genius architect, the Green Citadel evokes associations with the fairy-tale world. The attraction got its name for its roof and walls entwined with greenery.
Kirche St. Nicolai Previously, on the site of the present attraction (which is often called simply Hundertwasserhaus), there was a typical GDR residential building, but Rolf Opitz, the chairman of the city housing cooperative, had an idea how to ennoble his beloved city. In 1995, he asked the architect to help him make this idea come true. The building houses a theater, shops (including a bookstore with books about Hundertwasser), cafes, a hotel, and living accommodations. The building has many features characteristic of the author's works - for example, all its windows are shaped in a different way. The house is “aging” in a natural way, along with lots of trees and green spaces. It is worth noting that the interior features the biotech style.
Magdeburg offers various entertainments fitting every fancy to its guests. The city visitors will get a chance to explore the local natural attractions and recreate in beautiful parks, walk … Open
Many beautiful sculptures are scattered throughout the capital of Saxony-Anhalt. You can see monuments to prominent people (Martin Luther, August Wilhelm Francke, Otto von Guericke), as well as sculptural compositions based on interesting ideas (Magdeburger Roland, Drei Varianten, Wir sind das Volk). The Monument der Voelkerfreundschaft (commonly known as “Schraube”, or Screw in English) featuring an unusual construction is dedicated to the integration and friendship of peoples. In the city, you can also find several beautiful fountains (Faunenbrunnen, Springbrunnen, as well as Fischbrunnen).
Hundertwasserhaus Magdeburg One of the most important historic structures is Palais am Fürstenwall. The present palace dates back to 1893 but was built on the site of an older fortification. With all its appearance, the palace was supposed to resemble an Italian palazzo. Given this, the building was designed in the traditional Renaissance style. After World War II, it housed the US military headquarters, then Magdeburg Radio, and today's building is the official residence of the Prime Minister of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. Another structure interesting from a historical point of view is Schiffsmühle am Petriförder, a copy of the existing mill dating back to 1874. In fact, the construction was erected in 1999.
1. Banks and state institutions get open not later than 8.30 and work till 17.30 – 18.00. The stores get open not later than 9.30, the upscale malls and department stores can be open till … Open
Hasselbachplatz with its late 19th-century houses is certainly worth walking through. Most of them are built with Baroque elements. No less enjoyable will be a walk along Otto Richter Strasse (for its flavor, it is often called "Die Bunte Otto Richter Strasse"). Colorful houses with carved windows - this was a colored "riot" in Magdeburg's architecture, which took place in the 1920s. The restoration of houses was carried out in 1999. While in the capital of Saxony-Anhalt, be sure to visit the Theater Magdeburg or the Puppentheater (when traveling with kids) to watch one of the wonderful performances and get a boost of positive energy.
Gutshof Hörne As for local museums, the Kulturhistorisches Museum is of primary interest. There is no better place for exploring local culture and history. Those interested in flora and fauna will be happy to check out the Museum für Naturkunde, whose collection contains stuffed animals living in Saxony-Anhalt. The Technikmuseum where a foundry was once located tells the industrial history of the city. All the museum exhibits are interactive, which makes a tour even more fascinating. One of the most interesting museums in the capital of Saxony-Anhalt is Abtshof's Bunte Circuswelt. Its exhibits include toys, a model of a circus arena, and figures depicting performers.
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Cathedral of Magdeburg, Magdeburg

» The cathedral is named after Saints Catherine and Maurice.
»  There used to be a basilica here.
»  After the fire of 1209, the archbishop commissioned the construction of a new cathedral. Having travelled a lot, he was aware of the popularity of Gothic and was eager to create a Gothic church too. It is now considered one of the oldest buildings of such style.
»  The construction lasted for over three hundred years and was completed in 1520.
»  The building stands out through its massive broken-like arches. The columns supporting them were taken from the old temple. They were once brought there by the emperor from Italy in 968.
»  The figures of the Ten Virgins — five crying, the rest rejoicing — are installed in the hall. The meaning of the installation is clear for those familiar with the parable of Christ.
»  The tomb of the ruler, the founder of the Roman state, is placed along the wall. Oak seats for parishioners are decorated with carved scenes from the life of Jesus.
»  The face of the statue of Maurice emphasizes his African features naturally. He was the first African depicted in a European sculpture.
»  The bell tower is a hundred metres tall. The belfry has 5 bells cast in the Middle Ages.

Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen, Magdeburg

» The monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary located in the Old Town was built in 1015 as a token of gratitude to Heaven for salvation in the battle with a Slavic detachment.
»  Later a basilica with a three-aisle hall and a covered two-storey gallery were added to the main building.
»  In the 12th century, the monastery passed to the Order, whose members spread the teachings of Christ in the East. An underground vaulted room used by them has been preserved since then.
»  Nowadays, a museum of modern art and a concert hall used for public speaking are situated in the monastery. The fact that the works by contemporary artists found shelter in the old building attracts visitors here.
»  The monastery has a library. Some publications date from the 17th century. The monks’ annals containing information on theology and natural sciences are of particular interest.
»  In 2012, as part of renovation, 17 huge mirror panels were put onto one of the buildings. They were installed at different angles. The facade reflected in them creates a diverse visual experience.
»  There’s the Garden of Statues on the territory of the abbey. It has 44 installations.

St.-Johannis-Kirche, Magdeburg

» The church was erected in 1131. It is considered one of the oldest city buildings.
»  The Church of St. John survived lots of natural disasters and was damaged by humans several times. In 1451, the tower was struck by lightning. During the fire, it got burnt from the outside. In 1630, the spire was broken by a hurricane. During the Thirty Years’ War, enemy troops damaged the entrance doors and killed the priests. In 1806, French soldiers turned the hall into barracks. In January 1945, as a result of an air raid, bombs hit the church. Only the exterior facade managed to survive. But the cathedral was restored each time it was damaged.
»  In June 1524, the Christian theologian Martin Luther delivered a speech on violations of the Catholic Church before a large crowd, which influenced many parishioners to convert to Protestantism. A monument to the great reformer erected in front of the house of God in 1886 reminds of those distant events.
»  The church was fully restored 46 years after the Second World War.
»  Nowadays, the cathedral is not used for religious purposes. Various concert events are held here now.
»  The building is covered with a bright tiled roof. The picturesque roof makes the church visible from afar.

Sternbrucke, Magdeburg

» Local residents consider the Star Bridge a city landmark and like walking across it. It connects the settlement with an island where an amusement park is located.
»  The present-day construction was erected in 2005. The opening coincided with the celebration of the 1200th anniversary of the city.
»  Concrete and steel served as building materials. A distinctive feature of the bridge structure is a steel arc above the supports.
»  It was constructed on the site of an old water overpass destroyed by retreating German troops in 1945, and it took three years to build it.
»  The bridge changed several names: first, it was named after Ebert the politician, then after the first president of the Weimar Republic, then after Hitler, the founder of Nazi Germany.
»  It was nicknamed the Star Bridge because of the metal stars adorning the tower-shaped supports.
»  The bridge is 242.2 metres long, 15.25 metres wide, and 20 metres high. The structure weighs about 900 tons.
»  The Treasury spent 18.7 million euros on the bridge construction.
»  There used to be tram rails on the bridge, but they were removed and substituted with a bicycle and pedestrian zones. Only light vehicles can cross the bridge. Separate lanes are laid for all categories.

Pauluskirche, Magdeburg

Location on the map:   Facts: » The parish church was built in 1896.
»  As the population grew, the house of worship couldn’t accommodate all parishioners. The community needed a new building. The city council acquired 1,770 square metres’ land lot.
»  The construction of the church was put out to tender among architects. The budget amounted to 200,000 marks.
»  The plot had a triangular edge, therefore the church tower was moved to the north side.
»  The 65-metre square bell tower was crowned with an octagonal top. The facade is supported by granite columns placed along the walls. The wall panels are decorated with mosaics. The window openings have stained glass with biblical drawings. The dome and spire are covered with slate.
»  The inner vault consists of wooden partitions creating a pattern. The building is Gothic in style.
»  Sandstone was used for cladding.
»  The capacity of the church is 900 people.
»  The last renovation performed in 2002 cost 2.3 million euros. Pauluskirche is a Protestant church.
»  The church is named after Paul the Apostle, one of the followers of Christ’s gospel.
»  The building is surrounded by green space. Locals enjoy spending their leisure time here.
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♥   Stiftskirche St. Servatius, Quedlinburg, 51.6 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Dom St. Marien, Havelberg, 82.8 km from the center. On the map   Photo
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