Travel guide over Los Angeles sights

On the Hollywood Hills, there is an amazing symbol of the city - the inscription HOLLYWOOD laid out in white letters. For almost a hundred years now, it remains a permanent symbol of the American film industry. This inscription was placed in 1923 as an advertisement for a residential area. Initially, it was planned that it would be located on the hills only a few years. However, over the years the city authorities did not rush to part with such an original symbol. The inscription is regularly restored and still used as an advertising symbol. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Los Angeles

The same attracting establishment is the Katana restaurant which menu specialities are grilled foods. The restaurant is placed in the marvelous historical building Plaza Del Sol and the design of the restaurant is executed in a unique foregone centuries style. Thus the guests can sit at majestic grand tables aged more than 400 years. The selection of dishes in Katana restaurant is supreme. Visitors should try crab meat, savory tuna and rockfish which are offered to be added with original vegetable side dishes and sauces. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

Those tourists who enjoy walking through the scenic areas and viewing architectural landmarks will surely like the Getty Center. This grand art center in Art Nouveau was built upon the project of renowned architect Richard Meier. It was opened in 1997. Not the center encompasses several of stone buildings of amazing beauty sinking in scenic gardens and parks. The world renowned landmark is the Wax museum which was established in 1964. Today it performs above two hundreds of figures. There are wax figures of renowned actors, politicians, sportsmen, pop stars. The figures are so realistic that it is hard to distinguish them from live human beings. … Further

Attractions and nightlife of Los Angeles

Griffith Park will be a perfect family entertainment. This is a large ostrich farm surrounded with the parks of ultimate beauty. You can spend the whole day walking along the wind paths and enjoying the panoramic views of the suburbs. The choice of the best night club is really challenging as the city offers the greatest selection of upscale night entertainment centers. However there are several clubs of the greatest popularity among tourists. The Cabana club is among the favorites. It features luxury interior design and excellent entertaining program. … Further
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