Travel guide over Istanbul sights

Blue Mosque has as many as 6 Mosque minarets. Their number was supposed to symbolize the wealth of the sultan, but the fact that the number of minarets coincided with the number of minarets of the Grand Mosque in Mecca outraged the Muslim world. The sultan solved the problem by adding a seventh minaret to Blue Mosque. Inner premises of the mosque are decorated with 20,000 small tiles of blue, green and red-brown colors. The tiles were made in the town of Iznik. Blue tiles are found primarily on the protrusions and in the courtyard of the mosque. Do not forget to pay attention to the beautiful prayer niche, mihrab, carved in the wall facing Mecca. Travellers should keep in mind that the mosque is closed for visitors during prayers (5 times a day). … Further

Extraordinary places and attractions in Istanbul

Many know about a good Turkish tradition to smoke hookah. However, even experienced travelers forget about another smoking tradition of the country – narghile. At the same time, the best narghile cafes in Turkey are located in Istanbul. They are distinguished by luxurious décor and an incredible choice of tobacco. The most authentic cafes with a genuine atmosphere of national heritage are open in Tophane. There are three awesome narghile cafes near Tophane Nusretiye Mosque - Can Nargile, Nargilem, and Erzurum Nargile. Besides an awesome choice of tobacco, these cafes serve best Turkish coffee in the city. Some regular customers visit the cafes for a mere purpose of drinking a cup of signature coffee that is cooked with fried pistachios. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Istanbul

In 5.Kat restaurant you can try best dishes of international cuisine, which are cooked by local chefs in strict accordance with receipts and traditions. The interior of the hall is also very interesting. It is decorated with furniture made of precious wood, velvet curtains and a beautiful "antique” chandelier. Lovers of exotic cuisine will need to visit Changa restaurant. Each dish here is a unique masterpiece. Kebab with classic French sauce is one of the most unusual delicacies of this place. Changa also features elegant interior decoration, which has brought the restaurant a Wallpaper prize. … Further

Stylish hotels of Istanbul

Connoisseurs of oriental luxury will fall in love with Sky Kamer Boutique Hotel that is located close to the Grand Bazaar and picturesque Beyazit Square. The hotel’s design is made in accordance with the most beautiful traditions of the Middle East and features bold colored furniture, mirrors in heavy gilded frames, and beautiful table lamps. Wooden details and large paintings only add to the harmonious setting of this wonderful hotel. The hotel’s roof has been turned into an awesome terrace. After a long day of exploring the city, many visitors prefer to relax in the spa salon that is also decorated in accordance with the national traditions. … Further

Review on top hotels of Istanbul

Fans of comfort and seclusion usually prefer to stay at Elite World Istanbul. This hotel offers posh guestrooms with hydro-massage baths. The amenities include a large indoor swimming pool with an artificial waterfall, charming Coffee Company café that serves Italian cuisine, and a magnificent Turkish sauna with décor made of rare sorts of marble. The famous international cuisine restaurant Taksim is also located in the hotel. However, dedicated followers of wellness and healthy lifestyle prefer to head to Fit bar that is well-known for its light and organic food. … Further
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