Most fashionable hotels in Isla Margarita

In a picturesque natural area, close to the beach El Agua, there is an upscale boutique-hotel Ikaraton. It focuses on holidaymakers who prefer to have a rest in a romantic atmosphere. The hotel is proud of its gorgeous landscaped garden. Among the tropical plants there is nice garden furniture and lounges. An amazing outdoor pool is also there. The hotel is located at a considerable distance from the major tourist centers. That is why it always attracts amateurs to a relaxed atmosphere. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Isla Margarita

You should taste arepa. This is a corn tortilla with a variety of filling options. This can be meat, vegetables, fish, and even fruit. It is better to order them in arepas. These are specialty eateries. You should definitely taste the empanadas. These are traditional pancakes with various fillings. … Further

Best beaches of Isla Margarita

One of the most picturesque beaches of the island is the Playa La Caracola. Its length is more than 3 kilometres. Despite the impressive scale and convenient location, the beach has an incredibly peaceful atmosphere. It is practically not equipped, on its territory there are no noisy entertainment venues. In the morning and in the evening people, who prefer healthy lifestyle, have a rest here. The beach is ideal for sports. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

If you want to see the island from a height, be sure to go to the Punta Ballena lighthouse. A beautiful view of the island opens here. You can visit the lighthouse for free. You will find magnificent old churches on Margarita. The Basilica of Our Lady of El Valle is especially revered by local fishermen and sailors. It is located in the Valley of the Holy Spirit. This is an amazingly beautiful and picturesque place. This is where many religious holidays are organized. You should also visit Catedral Nuestra Senora in La Asuncion. It is located at Blvd 5 de Julio. This is probably the largest cathedral on the island. … Further
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