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People in the United States Want to Travel but Not in 2020

News Life during the COVID-19 pandemic has its limitations, and the inability to travel is one of them. Many countries have their borders closed and do not let their people travel as this might ruin all attempts in stopping the dangerous disease. How do people feel about this? A recent study in the United States shows that Americans want to travel but are likely to postpone their plans until next year.

The United States is an important source market for many countries, especially Europe. Top European destinations always have a decent share of guests from the States, so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that hotels in Paris, London or Rome hotels count on guests from the US. The question is when are Americans ready to travel again? The survey conducted at the end of March tells that this might not happen any time soon.

The survey revealed that Americans miss travel very much and cannot wait to start traveling again. That being said, they plan to postpone their vacations until 2021 because of fear. Nearly one-third of respondents from the United States (29%) told that they would change their travel habits and destinations because of the coronavirus. Another 26.0% are not sure whether they change their travel habits. The most popular changes implied escaping crowded areas, checking destinations not affected by any viruses, staying more with their traveling companions rather than mingling with locals and dedicating more time to individual and outdoor activities.

It was clear that the COVID-19 was the major concern of the survey participants from the United States. When asked whether they were scared of getting ill or passing the disease to others, the majority of respondents were concerned about getting ill themselves. 32% of Americans felt uneasy about passing the virus to other people.

Finally, the survey asked Americans when they plan to travel again. The possible replies were in two weeks, then different months of 2020, and 2021. Surprisingly, next year (2021) was the most popular answer with 20% of the votes. Americans also named such factors as the “All-Clear” permit to travel by the government or health officials very important, as well as the absence of new COVID-19 cases. It looks like this year is going to be tough for the hospitality industry worldwide. However, discounts and new competitive prices may encourage people to travel already this year once the pandemic is over.


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