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How to Be an Advanced Foodie: Five Tips to Consider

News Foodie tours and destinations have been increasingly popular in recent years. More and more tourists from different parts of the world want to not only visit local landmarks and museums but get acquainted with the culture of their travel destination through national food. Are you tired of typical pizza and fast food during your stay at a hotel in Berlin or an Amsterdam hotel and willing to try something new? No problem as virtually any destination can be a foodie destination if you follow these simple tips.

First of all, plan your budget wisely and try to save up in order to have money for the best food. If eating fresh and delicious local food is your top priority, you will need extra money for that. Many foodies enjoy visiting Michelin starred restaurants that are usually quite expensive as well. If you enjoy cooking, consider booking an apartment with a kitchen not too far away from a large food market where you can stock up on fresh ingredients. Here goes our next tip – visit food markets. Don’t just focus on one market, it is better to visit them all. Food markets are great for sampling local food or finding authentic lunches. Moreover, spices, jams, dried fruit, and packed food with longer shelf life are always great souvenirs to friends and family members.

Watch locals when searching for a place to eat! If a cafĂ© is empty or has mostly tourists, this is not what a foodie needs. If you are out of ideas, don’t be shy and ask locals. Many people can speak English these days and can provide you with insider information about the best places to eat in their home city. If you feel uncomfortable talking to strangers, do your homework and make a list of the popular venues beforehand.

How about learning to cook authentic local dishes? If you like cooking and are open to new experiences, visiting local cooking classes can be a jewel in the crown of your adventure. As it might be hard to find suitable master classes quickly, it is better to book them beforehand. Companies specializing in events and activities can offer cooking masterclasses, as well as local individuals. Don’t forget to check the language of the cooking classes and see whether there are English ones.

Finally, try to find authentic places to eat by embracing the local culture. For example, certain nations have a fiesta time, and some nations enjoy gathering at pubs after work. Follow locals, order food and drinks that they order, and enjoy a new culture. This is a great way to experience something new and bring your journey to a new level.


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