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Recommendations on How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

News With the start of the holiday season in many parts of the world and the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays, it is clear that the number of tourists increases greatly. As a rule, travelers are already in a festive mood and may forget about their personal health. However, sickness can spoil even a perfect holiday. It doesn’t matter whether you have a hotel in Prague or Paris booked or you plan to make an exotic journey to Hanoi or Kathmandu, your health is something that shouldn’t be ignored. The following easy steps will help you stay healthy and avoid possible problems.

Washing your hands is not a new recommendation. Nevertheless, it never loses its importance. Travelers are even more exposed to germs during the holiday season when there are usually more passengers in airports and train stations. It is important to wash hands regularly and do this for at least 15 seconds. If there is no toilet nearby, hand sanitizer can be a worthy replacement. Don’t forget to use it before drinking or eating, as well as after touching surfaces in transport hubs. Make sure you have a pack of disinfectant wipes and use them to clean the seatbelt buckle and dirty surfaces around your seat.

Staying hydrated is important at all stages of travel. These days, more tourists use their own plastic bottles and fill them at airports and hotels that have water stations so they don’t have to buy a new bottle each time. If you visit an exotic country and you are not sure about sanitary conditions, it is better to buy sealed bottled water. Flying, coffee, and alcohol cause dehydration, so don’t forget to drink water and juices. By the way, juices with vitamin C are great for supporting your immune system.

Traveling often means a lot of inactivity, but this condition may be dangerous for health because it may contribute to such condition as deep vein thrombosis. Not moving for four hours and more might make you prone to blood thickening and formation of blood clots. If it is possible, try to have some physical activity from time to time. For example, walking in the airport terminal for 20 minutes can alleviate the damage. In the airplane or train, consider making small exercises such as stretches, ankle circles, and so on. These movements fasten blood flow.

The last but not the least, traveling is often stressful. Many people don’t even understand how holiday traveling is actually exhausting for the body and immune system. Don’t forget to find a quiet place to relax and try to sleep from six to eight hours because sleeping less makes you more likely to catch a cold.


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