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Brits Name Their 2019 Most Favorite Beach Destinations

News The Long Haul Holiday made an interesting survey not long ago. It asked British families to name their most favorite long-haul beach destinations in the world. The study was made with the purpose of helping families to find the most fitting beach vacation that they are dreaming about.

The country that ranked first was not a surprise as British holidaymakers love visiting Dubai. Glitzy and vibrant, this emirate offers a perfect combination of recreation and entertainment. Moreover, there are Dubai hotels for any taste and budget. Every year, more than 1.5 million British tourists visit this destination. Dubai scored 77.54 in the survey.

What other long-haul destinations do British travelers enjoy visiting? Here is the list. Cancun scored second, followed by Ras Al Khaimah, the Dominican Republic, Phuket, Barbados, Cuba, Mauritius, Saint Lucia, and Antigua. In order to determine the leading destination, the research team used several criteria that are important to all vacationers. The combination of all these criteria got the maximum possible score of 100 points. The researchers included the following criteria: the average temperature from October to March, the temperature of water during the same period, the number of attractions, the average cost of a one-week vacation for a family of four people, and flight duration.

Dubai reached the highest score of 77.45, followed by Cancun with 69.35 points. The top 10th destination, Antigua, scored 48.65. Now let’s check leaders in each of the criteria. If you like scorching heat, Phuket hotels are the best choice as this destination has the highest average temperature - 28°C. If you prefer colder destination, check Ras Al Khaimah, Barbados, Antigua, and Dominican Republic that have a cooler average temperature of 28°C.

Phuket is also the leader in terms of warmest water that can be even hotter than the air, averaging at 29°C. Dominican Republic, Antigua, Cancun, Cuba, and Barbados have an average temperature of water at 27°C. Finally, Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah are the closest destinations from the list – a flight from the UK will take approximately 7 hours. The Dominican Republic is, in its turn, the closest Caribbean nation to visit. It will take a bit longer than 9 hours to reach this popular resort destination. In terms of attractions, such as water parks, Dubai is the absolute leader, so no surprises here.


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