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Major Travel Trends of 2020 Revealed

News As we are slowly approaching the end of the year, more companies publish their opinions on the most important travel trends of 2020. The world is changing fast, and so many aspects of our lives become trendy and go out of fashion. According to one of these studies, 2020 will be a year for new explorations, technologies, and responsibility.

Experts think that 2020 will be a year of traveling to “second-tier” cities or less famous cities. Many travelers are tired of overcrowded popular destinations and want to explore new cities instead. More than half of global tourists say they want to avoid cities that suffer from over-tourism. Many add that they would gladly change the destination if that would reduce the environmental impact. Helping communities of smaller towns is another motivation that tourists name. However, tourists usually agree that they need more information on second-tier cities or neighborhoods of larger cities so that the quality of their vacation doesn’t suffer.

Tech-led recommendations are going to be a hit in 2020. Technologies become more advanced and customizable, so they now can choose destinations and excursions for travelers. It is so interesting to give the AI a “wildcard” and let it choose the next travel destinations. Almost six in ten people consider this an exciting opportunity. Modern AI-powered systems become a lot more precise as tourists can add their preferences, past vacations, desired weather, and many other factors that help the machine to find the most fitting destination. After that, travelers can book the trip in just a few clicks.

Slow travel and unique modes of transport will be everywhere in 2020. Travelers do not mind to travel slower if they do it in an unusual way. Historical trains, trams, boats, paddleboats, and even dog sledding – the key idea is to do it in an original way. Modern travelers try to get the most from their vacations, and this defines the next trend – time-efficiency. Travelers want to try many kinds of activities during one vacation rather than focusing on one activity. Destinations that offer different attractions and entertainment will be popular next year.

Hotels in Naha (Japan), Ilhabela (Brazil), and Montevideo (Brazil) might get more guests than usual because they were named among the most attractive in 2020. By the way, modern travelers do not want to travel without their pets. More and more pet owners want pet-centric vacations and hotels that accept guests with pets.


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